3 gentle ways to reduce anxiety

In the midst of feeling anxious rationality goes out the window. There are all kinds of causes of anxiety from suppressed emotions to allergic responses, but they express themselves in a non-linear way most of the time. What to do? Learn 3 gentle energy techniques to work on reducing the panic & fear of the anxious state now. They will seem “wild & way out there” but so is anxiety itself. Finally, we can fight fire with fire!

Anxiety does not respond well to force, opposition, control, pushing or shoving. In fact, if you suffer from anxiety you already know it will often get MUCH worse by trying to push back against it. We’ll steal some great insights from Judo and energy medicine to give you 3 gentle ways to circumnavigate the anxious state and make headway. Ready? Let’s get to it.

When anxiety rears its panicky head how to we reduce it if we can’t push back? We’ll borrow from the fundamental concept of Judo and use its own power. We won’t push back. We’ll pull it to us. Hold on a moment… I can hear you protesting already! “I don’t want more anxiety, I want less. The LAST thing I want to do is pull it towards me!” But let me ask you a question. Would you be willing to try something new if doing the same old thing (resisting it) gives you the same old response (more anxiety)?

If you’re willing here’s the first gentle technique when anxiety appears. Open up your arms as wide as you can and say to yourself: “I’m willing to welcome these feelings and let them pass right through me.” Depending on how rugged your anxiety state is you may only have to say this once. Or you may have to spend the next twenty minutes repeating it. The time doesn’t matter. What matters is staying with being open (arms open wide) and welcoming the feelings in to pass through. If you lose your will anywhere in the process say the statement out loud–that’s very effective. Just be sure to be out of earshot of others who will have no idea what you’re up to!

The second gentle technique uses boredom and dis-interest to pull the anxiety out, down & away. Anxiety pops up and you decide to implement this new technique. What do you do? You pick a spot in space between you and the anxious feelings. Even if those feelings are in (for example) your stomach, you can still pick any spot in space between “you” and “those anxious feelings” that you’re aware of. So, let’s presume in this example you pick a spot in the middle of your chest. What do you do with that spot? Here’s the magic: nothing. What? You keep bringing your attention back to the spot between you and the anxiety. It’s very boring. That’s exactly the point. When you find yourself drifting back to re-experience the anxiety just pull your attention back to the “nothing-happening-here” spot you’ve chosen. Sounds dull. It is. It works very quickly & gently to dissolve anxious feelings.

The final technique is full deconstruction. Every experience we have is made up of “stuff” and I’ll teach you how to begin to gently deconstruct the “stuff’ of your anxious feelings. If you’ve never had the experience of gentle energy work you can check out the free Pure Energy recording I’ve made to support your healing.

To begin the process of deconstruction (a term I’ve borrowed from the re-writers of history; a re-writing of your own history) you’ll need to find the “edge” of your anxiety. This is not hard to do. It’s deceptively simple. When you run your hand across a table-top you feel the sharp edge where it ends. So too, your anxious feelings have an edge as well. Think about the clump of feelings that make up your anxiety in this moment and notice how they feel clumpy, bunged up, enmeshed, snarled, thick, ropey…and as you travel across them suddenly you’re aware that there is a place in space (you’re using your imagination here) where it doesn’t feel the same nastiness. It just feels less. That’s the edge. Congratulations. You’ve just found the “edge” of your anxiety in this moment and now you can begin to gently deconstruct it.

Remember that force, pushing and opposition equals more bad feelings? So we won’t do that. Also recall that finding a place in space and focusing on it works well? Here’s the combo deal we’ll use. Find the edge you just located and place your attention there. Keep bringing it back to that place as soon as you notice that your attention has wandered (don’t worry–it will wander a lot!). Over and over back to the edge until you’re done.

How will you know when you’re done? Your anxiety will literally and figuratively unravelled. You will have completed your first successful deconstruction. Just like a single thread pulled from the edge of a tapestry, you will now be able to unwind and reduce your anxious feelings whenever you like for the rest of your life. Congratulations.

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Rudy has spent nearly 30 years helping dogs & people back to health and happiness using essential oils and energy work. He works long-distance helping people & pooches; often getting great results where other techniques have failed. His website, http://www.rudyhunter.com has lots of FREE healing resources for both species

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