Flowering Awareness

Recently, I had the opportunity to study with Sergio Magaña, a healer in the Toltec tradition. I was with him to experience and practice age-old Mesoamerican healing technologies, ancient codices formerly passed down via a strict oral lineage. Times are changing. The seers predicted that what was once secret must now be shared: subtle vision, access to hidden energy, and the power to change Everything.

It is humbling to learn that many centuries before Freud and Jung, native medicine people had mapped the human psycho-spiritual landscape with sophisticated precision. Their awareness extended not only above and below the horizon line of waking consciousness, to the spirit and underworlds, but also horizontally through ancestry, culture and other living entities on the planet and out to the stars.

In the course of our studies, a fellow student relayed with surprise that nowadays even ‘Western’ minds, hard-bitten rational types, are stumbling upon the gifts of energetic healing and expanded awareness. Of course! What we are all discovering is the power inherent in our consciousness. The only differences across human experience are the ways in which this awareness is described and the degree to which this knowledge is locked away by an anointed few, religious and scientific cabals. In fact, multi-dimensional awareness is universal, a human legacy, and differing expressions are a matter of perspective.

Reflected in the massive and growing interest in alternative healing modalities is the desire and opportunity to become fully awake. The implication of this flowering is to become the prime mover in your life and to be in possession of a body and soul freed of all the ways we are constrained by history, politics, religion and even our genetic blueprint.

While this pursuit of the means by which to clear our perceptions and heal may seem self-absorbed, it decidedly is not. As we depth-sound and allow ourselves to enjoy renewed energy and clarity, our mere presence awakens others, our radiant energy moves them to heal as well.

There are no guarantees that this process will be easy. But not evolving our awareness is decidedly more uncomfortable. When we approach healing, walking the path of our soul with gentle receptivity and innocence, there is joy even when times are challenging. One can be comforted by the certainty that when one opens the inner eye nothing is wasted. With commitment and discipline the pain of clinging to what no longer serves us softens, releases and does not repeat.



About Monica Renée Duncan

Author of Your Quantum Heart, Manifest from the Cosmic Web, Monica Renée Duncan is a heart-based hypnotherapist, energy and dreamworker, and blogs on spirituality at www.reconnectrevivethrive.com.

A periodical writer for over three decades, Monica is a regular contributor to 3rdimagazine.

“I’ve had many spontaneous and unusual encounters with the divine. For that reason, I have a passionate belief in the power and capacity of the human spirit to evolve. But every new level we attain begins with a first step, the recognition that we need guidance and help. The universe provides, when we ask.”

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