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crisisheaderSince writing this piece I have focussed an increasing amount of my time and energy on creating a more harmonious reality. It is clear that it was, and is always, simply our own interpretation of events that creates our world. Whether referring to our individual perceptions and conditions or our physiological and sensory interpretations the result is the same. A unique and manageable perspective.

Day 62 Create your own reality
Now that I have returned to the simplicity of giving freely and receiving with gratitude, and with a little encouraging advice from respected colleagues, I have recommenced work on my free business offerings. I do understand the intrinsic commercial merits of free gifts but I don’t feel that my gestures are purely economically driven. I am attempting to keep the flow of dynamic exchange, as prescribed.

With this in mind, I arranged a free coaching session to a life coach that I felt would benefit from my model whilst also giving me direct feedback on the model itself. I shall spare you the details but the meeting never happened. I received a voicemail later in the morning that was somewhat unexpected; apparently we had both, independently, created the reality of not meeting! This struck me as odd as my reality was getting up early, buying some lemons (not my normal gift but they were specifically requested!) and battling the morning traffic to get to my destination. I had simple directions to follow which soon proved woefully inadequate – the kind that reminded me of the gag ‘well if you want to get to there mate, I wouldn’t start from here if I were you’. I called eight times but all calls went to answer machine. I managed, as much by luck as judgment, to get close enough to ask a taxi driver who directed me through the last mile or so (‘well if you want to get there mate’ . . . and you know the rest!) I arrived to find my client not at home.

My clients ‘reality’ seems to be profoundly different from mine you will not be surprised to hear!). Apparently the value of my free gift was not enough for her to prioritise. Her reality was different enough for her to leave her phone on silent, not check for messages and to nip to her neighbours at the agreed time of meeting. She explained this to me (in different words) by way of explanation of her reality.
Mmmm, so where does this leave me with my desire to give freely you may ask? Well, exactly where I was before my reality was created so bizarrely today. I may take on board her suggestion that I ‘consider the clients perspective’ (if I can work out what the hell that is supposed to mean!) but I will continue to build my free offers and free sessions.

I am not dissuaded at all as it seems to me that just because something is free it does not necessarily mean that it has no value or is being offered by way of a lure; a sprat to catch a mackerel (or other such annoying marketing-guy phrases) I wanted to give her a session for free to help her as much as myself and I will do it again. And again. If it does not make any sense in pure economic terms I am, at least, fulfilling my obligations to keep the dynamic exchange flowing and you know what? It feels pretty bloody good too!!

Take care, give and smile and create your own reality.

I think it shows ideally, albeit in a personal way to me, just how we can influence how we choose to respond and behave is influenced strongly by how we decide to interpret events. After all, a spiritual person should be the hardest to offend.


philforambassadorsThis article is an excerpt from my attempt to follow the works of Dr Deepak Chopra; the world renowned guru on many mind and wellbeing therapies.

I decided that if I was going to make a reasonable and rational decision on the efficacy of such teachings then I would have to live them. In fact, this I believe is the only way to ‘test’ such theories. Since my ‘journey’ with the good Dr and his ‘Seven Spiritual Laws of Success’ I have had this approach reinforced and re-iterated; the ONLY way to truly know about something is to experience it.

We can read, listen, watch etc and in fact engage all of our wonderful physical senses (VAKOG – visual, auditory, kinetic, olfactory, gustatory) from a semi-detached perspective but it is the experience of something, the doing of it, that totally embeds it into our physiology and mind.

So that’s what I did. Over a period of about 14 months I lived and breathed Dr Chopra’s laws.
The result? Well, you will have to read the book but I will be including similar excerpts, written as diary posts, over the coming months for the 3rdi magazine. I hope that you enjoy, or at least engage with it.

More excerpts next month in the3rdimagazine.
The book will be available for kindle shortly.
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