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audreybirtI can honestly say I have never done a tour before. But perhaps this year like no other I am determined to prove you are never too old to give things a try!

So it’s been London, Boston (Spa that is) and Edinburgh this last week to talk about the important research we have conducted at Oasis on the Workplace of Tomorrow if people and planet really matter.

What are the ingredients of a successful tour? It’s being with talented and good people, it’s meeting others and building new connections, even friendships, but importantly it also has to be offering something worth listening to. Judging by the reaction to the tour so far we have got it about right.

The findings of the research, 7 Principles to Shape the Workplace of Tomorrow, are printed in a short booklet that describes the process of the work and how we came to create the principles.

The first principle is to ‘connect people to their passion, their purpose and their planet’ and it has regularly occurred to me that doing this research has enabled me to do that. So speaking about it awakens my sense of purpose and my passion for change. Judging by the reactions at each of the venues, when people didn’t want to stop their conversations, it has done that for others too.

Through this work we seek to create a platform not just for discussion but for action too. We used a Diamond 9 approach to stimulate discussion and the head of my diamond just now would be ‘trust more, control less’. I suspect if we got the balance of this one better we could reduce so much workplace stress and disengagement.

At each venue we have heard people talk about how they have transformed their organisations in the most challenging economic climate and not only survived but succeeded where others failed, and they have external recognition of this too.

For example, Angela Lockwood, CEO of North Star Housing Group, told us they have not only improved quality for their clients but have achieved a Gold Investors in People award.

Mary Godfrey, Collaborative CEO of Bettys and Taylors, spoke of how they have grown and developed through a deep recession whilst working to support the planet, suppliers and staff.

I have been proud to travel with all of them and the fabulous team at Oasis.

Do read the booklet and let us know how it speaks to you. Please share it with others and if you would like a workshop around it, we would love to support you.
Remember to make change we need to THINK BIG, ACT SMALL and START NOW.


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