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rudyThe Malice Mantra Technique

Filled with anxiety about small or large issues it feels as if there’s nowhere to run and hide. Learn The Malice Mantra Technique and you’ll be able to have your anxiety leave you. Learning it takes only a couple of minutes and you can use it forever…but your anxiety level will likely drop the more you implement it. Neat, huh?

Being from a personal background of born-into-this-lifetime-riddled-with-anxiety I can tell you I understand clients I work with when they tell me they feel powerless against this wicked mental state. I spent many decades fighting it and losing. Then the next few decades using acceptable tranquilizers to “not feel it” at any price. Neither works. Running from it or numbing it actually, it turns out, makes matters MUCH worse. That means it produces more anxiety; that’s the opposite from what I was going for.

There is a third option where ALL the power is to release anxiety. It SOUNDS the scariest, but, in it just the opposite. It’s pleasant and serene but the mind will try and convince you (and me!) otherwise. It’s a special process I’ve used myself and taught hundreds of clients with great success. It’s called The Malice Mantra Technique and you can learn it with me now in about 3 minutes. The more you use it the more reduced your anxiety will become and it will eventually get so bored of you that it will let you go. All of this will happen in peace. Let’s get started.

Focus on just one thing that makes you anxious. Don’t pick a cluster; that doesn’t work. Choose just one like ‘tomorrow’s job situation’ or ‘feeling nervous about my presentation’ but not something as huge as ‘all the times I felt humiliated in school from age 3 to college’. By the way, you can tackle all those individual times later on, once you’re well-versed in the technique.

Rate your present (meaning right now) anxiety level about it as high, medium, low or gone. If you don’t rate it you won’t notice the improvements…and your mind will talk you right out of continuing. If you’d prefer you can use a scale of 0 to 10 where 0 is gone and 10 is the worst anxiety ever. As soon as you’ve completed the technique you’ll re-rate your anxiety using the same scale to notice your improvements. You’ll get improvements every time when you follow these simple directions. You won’t, however, if you choose to do something different.

So…bring the anxiety to mind and keep it on topic. Don’t meander around other areas. If you’re working on ‘tomorrow’s job report nervousness’ then just stay with that for the whole process. Now comes the fun part. It really IS fun, once you’ve practiced a bit. You keep your attention on the anxiety gently. I tell people I’m coaching to look at the anxiety with about the same level of interest they’d use staring at a toothpaste tube! You can see it, you watch it, and…here’s the MOST important part: you don’t do anything else but look at it. No changing, no fixing, no running, no screaming, no…nothing. And you do that for 3 to 5 minutes.

This is SUPER-BORING to your conscious mind. It’s supposed to be. You’ll feel as if you’re wasting time–you’re not. There will be wave after wave of irritation, boredom, dullness…and usually between 3 and 5 minutes you’ll notice that something fairly miraculous happens. I won’t spoil the surprise. It’s amazing. You’ll have to try it and see for yourself. The surprise happens every time you follow these simple directions without adding anything else or ‘tweaking it’ to your liking. It boils down to rate-look-watch-don’t interfere-look some more-relief.

The relief, by the way, is permanent. It will lower your anxiety threshold about that issue. Amazing. And, if you choose to undertake doing this frequently your overall anxiety level will drop. Your anxiety will let go of you, not the other way around. Good luck.


Rudy has spent nearly 30 years helping dogs & people back to health and happiness using essential oils and energy work. He works long-distance helping people & pooches; often getting great results where other techniques have failed. His website, has lots of FREE healing resources for both species.

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