The Angel of Gratitude

17-ooniemmeThis past summer, I had the opportunity to study with the renowned physician and spiritual teacher, Dr. Gabriel Cousens. During a meditation and lecture he said, “Abundance is being content with what you have.” He has a unique way of dropping little gems of wisdom right into the laps of anyone willing to listen. This caused me to reflect back on all the times that I complained inwardly about small things like the weather, not having precisely what I wanted to eat in the fridge, the politicians running the world and on and on and on. I began to look at the number of times in a week I do this as a force of habit. Getting into a mindset of complaint will stop you dead in your tracks. It prevents you from moving forward. It keeps you from making growth and progress. In short, the attitude of complaint is like having your legs stuck in a very thick pit of molasses. Good luck trying to go for a run.

We all know someone who complains chronically. How do you feel when being in their presence? Probably not very chummy. Is this someone you find uplifting, with whom you want to spend a lot of time with? I imagine not. When you get into such a cycle, you are actually separating yourself from yourself. Make sense?

Many years ago, I launched a new business. I had the advice of many astute business experts. I took all of it into consideration. I carefully laid the groundwork. I prepared written ads for various media and began to introduce myself to others in the business community. I was told I was doing “everything just right.” For months and months, I took the steps I was advised to. Everyone “in the know” was telling me I was on the right track. Yet nothing was happening. Nothing, except that each and every day, I was whipping up a giant bowl of complaint stew. I got to a point where I had nothing good to say to myself. It was like spending the day with Scrooge. It was not long before I got fed up with listening to my own thoughts. It got so bad, I would avoid looking at myself in the mirror. “Oh, you again!”

I got tired of listening to myself complain. I got tired of feeling stuck, despite every possible attempt to move myself forward in one or another area of my life. I was introduced to a friend who I want you to meet. She is The Angel of Gratitude.
Most of you who have read this column, know that I work with Angels. Whether or not you believe in Angels is immaterial. If you are uncomfortable with the concept of Angels, you can think of this as a universal or archetypical force. Gratitude is a state of emotion, thought and being. It is a means of letting oneself stop, look carefully at ones life, and to take stock, expressing genuine thanks for all the good things one has in ones life.

The Angel of Gratitude is a spiritual being who is here to assist you in letting go of complains and negativity and moving into a greater sense of inner lightness. She embodies the qualities of gratitude. All of the Angels are here to help us to live fuller, more productive lives.

Here’s a simple process I developed to get myself into a state of gratitude:
1. Sit quietly in a spot where you can meditate without being disturbed.
2. Take a few breaths in and out. Just gently observe your breathing. As you do so, you will find yourself becoming more relaxed and present.
3. When you are ready, say aloud the following, “Welcome Angel of Gratitude. Thank you for being with me now. Thank you for helping to me let go of all the thoughts of complaining and negativity that have occupied my mind for so long.”
4. Continue to breathe and relax. Allow yourself to become aware of this Angel as she sits gently beside you. This will be a very subtle feeling. It’s a bit like having a favorite dog or cat in the room sitting quietly with you.
5. Continue to say, “Thank you for helping me to express genuine thanks for all the wonderful things I have in my life.”
6. Open your eyes when ready and write a list of at least 5 things you have to be really grateful for. When you are done, you can leave the list in a journal. I usually rip mine up the following morning. I find it ideal to do this simple process each morning.

It will set a wonderful tone for your day. You will find that doors previously closed to you are now wide open. You will find that people and circumstances are now more available. Let me hear from you. Wishing you gratitude and love.

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