How do you filter your world?

philforambassadorsThe brain does most of its work un-noticed. In fact, most of the time it works without your interruption or conscious control – your heart beats, your eyes blink, your lungs breathe and your organs, cells and nervous system do very well thank you without you having to consciously think about them. Wonderful if you think about it!

You know that despite being an awe-inspiring machine, your brain cannot process every single stimulus received from the senses. Generally, the brain can only handle approximately 134 bits (7 Chunks) of information per second. You have to pay no attention to the millions of bits of information that are happening around you in each and every second.

You edit these events in such a way that you can operate and live your daily life without constant conscious thought. You are selective when it comes to processing incoming information through your 5 senses and you also apply certain other filters to this on-rush of incoming information.
Generally, your filters are made up of:

  • Your Actions, skills and abilities
  • Behaviour and results
  • Your Values and Beliefs
  • The Language that you use
  • Your Memories
  • Your Decisions
  • Your Meta Programs (e.g. introvert or extrovert)
  • Matter/Energy
  • Time/Space

So there remains the question of how YOU apply these filters. There is not a right way or a wrong way, just a learned way.

We all apply these filters. In essence, we all apply our own personal filters and we use them to create and validate our own personal view of the world. We do this by ‘subconsciously’ deleting, distorting and generalizing. This month I will briefly expand upon deletions.

Deletions – without deletions we would simply be faced with too much information to deal with.

Deletions occur when you selectively pay attention to certain aspects of your experiences and not to other aspects. When you delete something it means that you overlook or omit certain information that you have no immediate interest in.

For example, you have just started dating a lovely new girl. She arrives at your second date in a new yellow mini. The date goes well, love begins to blossom and suddenly there are hundreds of yellow minis on the roads!


Is it because your new girlfriend happens to be on every road that you are on at the same time? Unlikely.

Could it be that suddenly hundreds of people bought a yellow mini just because your girlfriend has? Also unlikely.

What has happened is a change in your own perception.

When previously you had no particular specific reason to be interested in yellow minis, your mind effectively deleted them from your notice. They still existed, you were not physically blind but NOW you have a reason to notice them, they appear far more frequently into your consciousness than they ever did before.

There are no rules or laws anywhere that can make you view the world in a particular way. You choose to. You choose what and how to filter the information from the outside world and you choose how to process this in your internal representation. You create your own unique internal representation of the world. You choose to wear rose-tinted spectacles, or not, when you look at the outside world and when you look at yourself. Like everyone you are influenced by external conditions. There is no doubt about this but you, yourself, decide just how these affect you. This is your own personal truth based upon those beliefs given to you and upon your own past experiences.

There is absolutely no reason why this has to be the same from this moment onward. It is totally possible for you to create a whole new internal representation simply by being at cause with your emotions, actions and communications and therefore by NOT being at the effect of other people and external circumstances.

It is this essence of you that is determining the outcomes in your life, now and in each and every moment.

If you always do what you have always done then you will always get what you have always got!

Your internal representation is the main condition that you apply when you create your world. It is a combination of the image that you hold of yourself and the image of the outside world. It is very much your own perceptions and illusions which you create inside that influence how you project yourself to the outside.

But be clear, it is totally and absolutely NOT just about positive thinking. It’s more about NOT thinking negatively or about negative things or responding to negative triggers.


B-W-Help-Y-B-Self-300x212We all have a unique way of processing and experiencing our world
We do this in ways that we as individuals have been conditioned and programmed to process and experience it. How this information is processed and how then we project this into our view of the world directly influences how we experience it.

By understanding how the body/mind works and by developing more flexibility, balance and inner strength you can develop the ability to stay in a good state of mind for the majority of the time.Look at it like yoga for the brain. It should be your choice to have the life you would like to experience not the one you have been conditioned to experience.

In A Nutshell we provide you with the simplest, quickest and most practical solutions that you can apply in your own way, in your own time, in your own world. Our aim is simply to be as simple as we can possibly be, to allow you to choose whether to change or not and, if you do, how to do it if you wish.

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