Wild Camping in support of Wild Places

glen lyonI am passionate about Scotland’s nature and its wild places. It is life-affirming keeping company with the rugged mountains and glens, sparkling lochans, Caledonian pine forests, peatlands and machair with its mosaic of wildflowers.

We have some of the most valuable ecosystems and habitats supporting Scotland’s diverse wildlife – the elusive Scottish wildcat, badgers, corncrakes, mountain hare, red squirrels, water voles, white-tailed sea eagle, mountain ringlet butterflies and the great yellow bumblebee. I fervently believe that a healthy natural environment and experiencing ‘wildness’ is vital to our wellbeing and we should strive to maintain its integrity.

In support of the Scottish Wildlife Trust and John Muir Trust, I plan to eschew the comforts of home for a year, immersing myself in the beauty and wonder of the most spectacular landscapes imaginable by stravaiging the length and breadth of Scotland and wild camping in the 42 wild land areas.

By making the wild land areas my home for a year, I hope to enjoy 365 sunrises and sundowns, be absorbed in the song of water and birds, be with the mountains, elemental wildness, catch sight of some of Scotland’s most amazing wildlife – from the largest to the craiturie and study the flora, habitats and ecosystems. I am keen to visit many of the sites that are being managed, restored and rewilded for the benefit of wildlife and people.

I plan to keep records in the form of a blog and field notes to enable donors to follow my progress throughout this expedition. I am keen also to share the beauty and wonder of our wild land areas.

My hope is to enthuse and inspire others to have greater involvement in, enjoy, learn and act for nature.

Here at the3rdimagazine, we’ll be following Cerys’s adventure.
You can support her, the Scottish Wildlife Trust and John Muir Trust via IndieGoGo here. or via VirginGiving here

“I only went out for a walk, and finally concluded to stay out until sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in” John Muir

“The idea of wilderness needs no defence, it only needs defenders.” Edward Abbey


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