What you need to know before having a Psychic Reading.

sophiaIf you feel drawn to an Intuitive Reader but never worked with that person before, get in touch with them via email or phone before booking the reading. You can simply share your interest in a session and feel free to ask any questions in terms of how they work and what you can expect from a reading with them.  There are plenty of intuitive readers, psychics, clairvoyants, mediums, all working in different ways. You do have the right to feel a connection with the Reader which will enable you to feel relaxed and familiar with that person throughout the entire reading.

Just before you receive the reading, take a moment to look at your emotional state. It is helpful to notice if you are feeling nervous or agitated or mostly if you have any expectations about the outcome of the reading. If you are someone who likes to hear what they want to hear, be open to the possibility that other people (in this instance the Reader) may see or point out patterns or aspect of yourself that you may be blind about. Try to be open and humble to receive feedback, however, be absolutely present and alert while you receive the information. If you do feel that what is being shared with you does not resonate do not take on board the information.

It is absolutely important that as you walk into a reading you learn to discern the information being shared with you. If you do not resonate with the Reader, please allow yourself to communicate that and if you need, do end the session at any given moment.
If you wish specific guidance, go to a Reader with a list of specific questions. The advantage of asking specific questions is that it will focus the ‘energy’ on areas of your life where you wish / need / want guidance and clarity. It will save time for both you and the Reader. It will also avoid generalisations. 

Do not try to test the Reader by purposely not sharing your questions, feelings or thoughts, and wait to see if they pick up on it. People do feel impressed and value the skills of a Reader if they pick up on energies without having given any hints, but it is also true that being a psychic doesn’t mean guessing which colour underwear you are wearing. There is nothing worse for a Reader when they realise they are being ‘tested’. This will jeopardise their confidence, and therefore, the outcome of your reading. And you will have wasted your money.

A reading should leave you feeling empowered, feeling seen and supported. If that’s not the case, you may want to discuss that with the Reader by sharing your feelings and concerns. Your feedback is valuable and can help the Reader to improve.

I have spoken to a few people who were upset because other psychics told them something was going to happen but didn’t, leaving them feeling disappointed.  I am sorry if this is going to pop your bubble, but I don’t believe in fortune telling or destiny written in stone. If you want changes in your life, you need take full responsibility.  Living your life is not the job of the Intuitive Reader, his or her job is the one to just shine some light on it and give some perspective.

Sophia Colangelo
Sophia Colangelo
Intuitive counselling
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