Don’t believe everything you think!

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Reading back over the following entry I what stuck out the most was my reference to ‘belief’ and ‘believing’.
I have been reading more about belief systems recently for some workshops that I am building. In fact, I can be specific and unhindered about these musings because this work has required the assessment and consideration of my own – not only what do I believe but where did this belief come from and why have I got it? Also, has it a real and trustworthy source? If we believe that something works for us, does that make/allow it to work in the first place? In other words, believe it THEN you will see it! If we do not believe will the effects be lessened? How far will understanding and knowledge go without direct personal experience?

I think many of us would be surprised to realise just how many belief systems that we possess which have actually simply been absorbed, accommodated or provided by our environment t which are not based upon any personal experience. These will probably be part of your cultural, religious, family, social, commercial, business or community – in other words, your beliefs may not actually be your own but merely an accepted position/opinion conducive with your current cultural environment.

I intend to continue my research into beliefs and conditioned thoughts and their respective behaviours and responses (aka habits) over the coming months but suffice to say at this point, my current feelings about what/why and who to ‘believe’ are very different from they were when I originally wrote the section of the book below.

“This week has been different from the previous few. It may be more appropriate to say, however, that it is me that is different or, even more correctly, my mood, thoughts and behaviour have been different. I cannot be absolutely certain as to why this is but I have been consciously more aware of how I deal with events and indeed how I allow my thoughts to influence my mood. Far more living in the moment if you like.
Generally my routine has been the same. Nothing has happened that could be considered out of the ordinary so I am left with just two possibilities as to what has influenced my chirpier frame of mind. I could put it down to life – the fact that as living, emotional, hormone-filled beings it is inevitable that sometimes we feel better than at others; uncontrolled, random mood variations that are present in all sentient beings. (I wonder if it’s the same for animals?)

Or, and this is the option that I prefer, that my early steps into the realm of Dr Chopra are actually starting to deliver some tangible benefits. If this is the case then my meditations, mantras and the Law of Attraction are beginning to manifest my hopes and dreams. As well as finding daily moments of ‘thoughtless-ness’ and communing (noticing !!) more of the natural world around me I have decided to repeat a small ‘mantra’, an affirmation, the last thing every night in between my small prayer of thanks and dropping off to sleep.

The process goes as follows:
Ablutions, stroke dog, bed, calm breathing to still my thoughts, prayer of thanks and gratitude, affirmation, sleep. I keep the affirmation simple; three or four words that I repeat as I drift off. I start by saying them aloud and then keep repeating them silently. I have found that if I can get the words to scan into a little tune then repetition and consistency is easier. I know that the Universe/consciousness/my angels only require the message once but the repetition serves to focus my mind during the process and, most importantly, sends the message more deeply into my unconscious mind. Or so I have read! In the morning, arise, stroke dog, ablutions, recall and repeat mantra just a few times. Whether it is my belief that this is working or whether it actually IS working is, I guess, a moot point. This week I have attracted fantastic interest in my new business venture and made significant progress with my property, readying it for sale. I have made particular efforts in the realm of non-judgment. I still find this a challenge as judgment is a large part of thinking and the decision process but I don’t judge in a judgmental way, if you see what I mean. I don’t allow my internal opinion of events/people to affect my general well-being. I observe, assess and move on; sometimes I even smile about how I used to let things bother me. Progress indeed !!!”

I am even more convinced nowadays that wisdom only comes from experience. You have to DO the thing to understand, assimilate and evaluate the thing. Information is everywhere, knowledge can be learned but wisdom is experiential and therefore, absolutely uniquely personal. As I think is displayed in the book Crisis. What Crisis? – you can read, study, learn, mantra, meditate et al but unless you experience it, how can you really believe it?
One thing that is for certain though, don’t believe everything you think!


This article is an excerpt from my attempt to follow the works of Dr Deepak Chopra; the world renowned guru on many mind and wellbeing therapies.

I decided that if I was going to make a reasonable and rational decision on the efficacy of such teachings then I would have to live them. In fact, this I believe is the only way to ‘test’ such theories. Since my ‘journey’ with the good Dr and his ‘Seven Spiritual Laws of Success’ I have had this approach reinforced and re-iterated; the ONLY way to truly know about something is to experience it.

We can read, listen, watch etc and in fact engage all of our wonderful physical senses (VAKOG – visual, auditory, kinetic, olfactory, gustatory) from a semi-detached perspective but it is the experience of something, the doing of it, that totally embeds it into our physiology and mind.

So that’s what I did. Over a period of about 14 months I lived and breathed Dr Chopra’s laws.
The result? Well, you will have to read the book but I will be including similar excerpts, written as diary posts, over the coming months for the 3rdi magazine. I hope that you enjoy, or at least engage with it.

More excerpts next month in the3rdimagazine.
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