Decision Making

Christine-Richard right sizeA number of factors come into play when we have to take decisions, whether for business or domestic reasons.

Looking at the world of business – both commercial and third sector organisations – as well as the public sector and politics are there similarities of differences in the way in which decisions are reached?

What tools do we have to help in the process of choosing the best way to go ahead with alternatives designed and intended to improve performance over a wide range of issues?

Generally an obvious consideration is fundamental. Without adequate financial planning which is realistic and achievable any enterprise is doomed to failure. Figures can usually be authenticated but the thought processes of those people making the decisions can, and invariably does influence the outcomes.

I’m going to demonstrate, succinctly, a theory devised by the Swiss psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung.whch is widely used in business to match personality to decision – making.It is based on four personality types, defined by the colours red, yellow, green and blue. Let me briefly illustrate what I mean. Broadly it works likes this.

RED represents the leader and motivator
YELLOW represents the inspirer
GREEN represents the helper and supporter
BLUE represents the observer (many accountants come into this category)

Very detailed questionnaires are used and analysed by a trained consultant or consultants. Nobody is usually only one type. We are all a mixture though the predominant type in each of us at both the conscious and unconscious levels affect or thinking. Ideally, a Board, Management and, indeed staff work together best if they belong to a “mixture” of groups. For example the red predominant personalities are the opposite of blue. The former will take the “can do” attitude whilst the blues are very precise, particularly with figures. They believe in checking absolutely everything. The yellows are full of inspiration, enthusiasm, new ideas and demand immediate action. Generally the supportive greens do just that. Apparently they are also the best lovers!

I have used this system in a variety of situations and it works surprisingly well. Also I use my own analysis in my personal decision making. Me? I’m almost equally red and yellow!

You may have noticed I haven’t differentiated between the sexes in this article. This is quite deliberate for whist we are all aware of the differences in decision making and thinking between the genders that is a different issue for another day.

This is, of course is only one of a number of systems which, used by a highly trained consultants, can give a high degree of accuracy of an individual’s personality and style of operating and thus enable groups to make good decisions.

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