10 Top Tips to develop your intuition

sophia1. Believe in it.
Be open to the possibility that intuition is in you. The simple fact that you have an interest on this subject is the first step towards nurturing your intuitive skills.

2. Read and research.
Gather knowledge by finding out more about the topic you are interested in. There is a wealth of information (audio and visual) available on the internet on intuition training. Research will also help you to discern what you do or don’t resonate with which will help define what kind of path you choose or choose not to embark on.

3. Inner work.
Limiting beliefs about yourself and others needs to be investigated in order to develop your intuitive skills. If you believe you are not intuitive or that you can’t be, it is important you take a look at understanding why and what you can do to make progress.

4. Be humble.
Working on your judgments, be they about yourself or others, should be an ongoing process when developing your intuition. No matter how justified we feel, we often cast judgments on others to avoid feeling insecurities about ourselves. Arrogance is the number one enemy against Intuition Development. Commit to clearing yourself from any clutter and you will find that your intuition will flow more easily.

5. Healthy life style.
Nutrition and physical activity do have an important role in intuitive awareness. It’s not that you can’t eat chocolate or that you need be vegetarian to enhance your intuitive skills. I believe the key is in establishing a healthy balance. Excess in any direction can be very limiting, even if one’s excess is in being overly healthy.

6. Down-to-earth.
Everyone is born with a degree of intuition. When we start to consciously develop it, it can be that many of us go through a phase where we believe we are special. Being intuitive is a natural condition which doesn’t make you better or superior to others. When starting to develop our intuitive skills we tend to expect our family and friends to share our journey. Remember to respect others for who they are and respect their decisions whether they do or don’t share your interests. Seeing others as equal is a doorway to intuitive development.

7. Persistency & Practice.
This includes of all the above with the addition of some practical practice which I will share in future posts. As with learning a musical instrument, discipline and training are necessary when it comes to intuition development. Occasional and erratic approaches are not going to enhance your intuitive gifts. Persistence will. Using the musical training analogy, it’s not how long you practice but what you practice. Or, it’s not the quantity but the quality of practice that matters. Even just 5 minutes a day to contemplate on some of the above will support you on this journey.

8. Think Big.
This is easier said than done and many struggle with this concept. In my experience this is a fundamental key to intuition and psychic development. Thinking big falls in the same category as daydreaming, and for one reason or another, in our society there is still a degree of shame attached to it. Daydreaming doesn’t mean you have to stop taking responsibilities in your life. It’s more about giving yourself permission to go to your deepest dreams and desires regardless of whether they are going to happen or not.

9. Notice, watch and listen.
In order to develop your skills you need to learn to sit still and observe what’s happening around you. When you are with family or friends or somewhere public, remind yourself to look around and scan how you feel. Often we walk around absorbed in our thoughts, but if we shift our focus on the outside we may start perceiving a lot more and include the world around us.

10. Let go.
The biggest tip I would like to share is to absolutely let go of any agenda you may have around developing your intuitive skills. If you think that training your intuition can get you something or someone or somewhere, I would encourage some inquiry on this subject. Being intuitive can be very fulfilling because it can create a sense of empowerment within yourself and can certainly support your recognition in good opportunities. However, I personally believe it shouldn’t be misused to interfere with the natural course of life.


Sophia Colangelo
Intuitive counselling
Founder of www.whatisintuition.net

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