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Habib and Adele Forzly

Habib and Adele Forzly

Childhood was not a lot of fun for me. My parents argued so much. I spent most of that time in my room; playing, reading, communing with Angels and eating sugar. As a young child, it seemed like I spent an eternity in seclusion. My room was a safe haven, an oasis of peace. Life felt lonely and often painful. In retrospect, I realize that I also regularly practiced a form of meditation. Most of the time, my father was angry and emotionally distant. My mother reacted in silent rage. The air was thick and heavy.

My maternal grandmother was one of a small handful of people who in many ways saved me. She treated me with great kindness, tenderness, acceptance and love. If not for her and a few other relatives, I don’t know how I would have survived unscathed.

Adele Forzly, was a sweet, loving presence. She was a first generation immigrant from Lebanon to the United States. Both she and my grandfather were poor when they immigrated to this country. They had four daughters. Like many of their generation, they worked so hard to provide a good life for their family. My grandmother rode the subways from Bayridge, Brooklyn everyday to New York City. She worked in a factory, sewing for a manufacturer of ladies clothing. Every evening, when she returned from work, she would prepare a lavish meal for her family and anyone else in the neighborhood who was hungry or seeking company. On the weekends, she would prepare a large banquet and the doors of her apartment were open to the entire neighborhood. Friends from Lebanon and lonely souls from Brooklyn would come knowing they would have delicious food and wonderful conversation. Although she never complained, life was hard for her. Just a few years after coming to the US, my grandfather lost his vision completely and was no longer able to work. She continued to work long days in a factory and also cared for my grandfather.

Adele Forzly was also an exceptional Spiritual Medium. I witnessed how her extraordinary work with people brought them comfort, healing and peace. This is not something that was embraced by all. Her work often drew ridicule and harsh criticism. She did not charge for her work or time. She gave freely and lovingly of her talents. I learned a valuable lesson from observing her loving acceptance of everyone. Adele had a way of making everyone feel welcomed and comfortable no matter the circumstance.

One of the great gifts she gave me was to inspire a natural curiosity and seeking spirit. One any given day, I would see her reading the Torah, Bible and Qur’an as well as other books on philosophy and spirituality. Throughout my childhood, she encouraged me to challenge myself to learn and grow. She welcomed new ideas and all people with an open heart and mind. I owe her so much.

I was thrilled to see the endless parade of fascinating people who came to my grandmother seeking help through her Mediumship. There were politicians, business owners, priests, nuns, rabbis, sheikhs, regular folk and more who visited her. Many who sought her counsel were highly visible in their professions. Some were famous. So often, her visitors made her promise not to let anyone know they came to see her. She was respected as someone who one could implicitly trust. As a little boy, I remember her living room had a set of glass French doors that were draped with a thin layer of lace fabric. I was not permitted to come into the room while she was working. As she entered the living room to with someone, she always gave me a sly wink. This was her way of giving me permission to quietly hide outside the room to listen and peer through the curtains. Before too long, I realized she was preparing me to enter the path of Mediumship.

People looked to her to assist them in communicating with departed loved ones, ask for guidance on an area of their life and also for spiritual healing. One of my earliest memories was on a day I visited her along with my father. He was suffering with terrible ulcer pains. She sat him down in a chair. She started to pray as she placed her hands on his head. When she stopped about 5 minutes later, his pain had vanished completely. I witnessed many more amazing healings at her hand that I witnessed.

Grandma Adele taught me to perceive the energy that lies beneath the surface of all life. She taught me how to do effective spiritual healing and to communicate with our departed loved ones and Angels.

I’m especially fortunate to have had her training in the work of Mediumship that I love so much. I love being a Medium; it’s a privilege. I am most fortunate to have had this wonderful, loving woman in my life.


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