Pure potentiality and how to manifest it

philforambassadorsIn this selective serialisation I have present the start of the actual journey proper. Dr Chopra’s first law; that of pure potentiality.

In essence, he breaks down the material perspective of all things into the pure component elements. In scientific terms, all matter is over 99.99% nothing. By this I mean that effectively all matter is, in fact, forms of energy – either a particle (photon) or a wave of pure energy. Dr Chopra propounds that within this energy lies consciousness. Personal and global because in this context all things are connected because all things are made up of the same energy. We are waves upon the ocean.

As I commenced this chapter I was more than a little confused. I was uncertain about consciousness; what it is, where it is and subsequently where does mine fit? These are my initial thoughts about this.

Law 1, Day 28 How pure, how much potential?
So Law 1, it being the Law of Pure Potentiality, seems a perfect starting point.
Dr Chopra states that our essential nature is one of pure potentiality. He goes on to say that when we understand these laws then we can create our own reality; manifest the fulfilment of all of our desires. We enter the realm of infinite creativity, perfect balance and bliss. When you discover your essential nature you get closer to the real self and from here comes the knowledge that you can create any dream you have. Any and all desires. So applying this first law is critical, obviously, to my making any progress.

I would like to add my own musings at this point. My view is that irrespective of one’s spiritual bent or scientific bias we DO exercise some free will. We do have a choice. It may not be that we can control every aspect of our existence but we can exercise choice about how we feel about what we do and about what is happening. If nothing else how we feel about something significantly impacts how we react to I and how we deal with it. We all know this to be true to greater and lesser degrees. On a good day, the fact that the ignorant chump in the car in front that cuts you up on the motorway without even the courtesy of indicating may not even be noticed but on a bad day, this may lead to flashing lights, blaring horns, a tighter grip on the steering wheel and a looser grip on our anger. It is from here that I move on. Open minded, hopeful and curious. I am about to learn how to manifest my dreams; to build my own reality from my own pure potentiality.
What could possibly be more thrilling? What could possibly go wrong?

Since this entry I have delved much deeper into this topic. The law of attraction, the secret, quantum energy, epi-genetics and investigations into ‘the field’. Suffice to say I am more informed but not necessarily any wiser. I am, however, fascinated, intrigued and inspired to know more. I am, as I appeared to be on the above stage of my journey, still unclear; but there is a ‘but’.

My recent research is morphing into something more defined. I cannot say that I understand – who really does – but I have found much that resonates and seems to fit my world view. I will not divulge this at the moment for two main reasons; firstly, because I am still very much a student with much to learn and secondly because I will be re-tracing my earlier journey from my current perspective to see just how much my current understanding is different from my earlier one and I would like to share this with you over the coming issues.

Please comment or drop me a line if this topic of pure potential, the law of attraction or ‘The Secret’ have influenced your own life and whether you have experienced changes to your life because of them.


bookheadlineThis article is an excerpt from my attempt to follow the works of Dr Deepak Chopra; the world renowned guru on many mind and wellbeing therapies.

I decided that if I was going to make a reasonable and rational decision on the efficacy of such teachings then I would have to live them. In fact, this I believe is the only way to ‘test’ such theories. Since my ‘journey’ with the good Dr and his ‘Seven Spiritual Laws of Success’ I have had this approach reinforced and re-iterated; the ONLY way to truly know about something is to experience it.

We can read, listen, watch etc and in fact engage all of our wonderful physical senses (VAKOG – visual, auditory, kinetic, olfactory, gusatatory) from a semi-detached perspective but it is the experience of something, the doing of it, that totally embeds it into our physiology and mind.

So that’s what I did. Over a period of about 14 months I lived and breathed Dr Chopra’s laws.
The result? Well, you will have to read the book but I will be including similar excerpts, written as diary posts, over the coming months for the 3rdi magazine. This month’s piece is from very early in my travails. I hope that you enjoy, or at least engage with it.

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