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Anxiety has specific patterns in the brain and mind. Joy has specific patterns too, as does every other emotional and physical state. The big insight is that deliberately changing those patterns you can pull yourself out of anxious states quickly, safely & easily. It’s your brain & mind; you have choices.
Think about slow, deliberate, restful and relaxed breathing (like a baby sleeping) and being in the midst of a panic or anxiety attack. It’s like thinking about cooking ice cream and sardines together for dinner. They don’t go together. So, if we could control our breathing as a panic or anxiety attack began we could get ourselves out of a jam, right? Yes…but the problem is that’s a very challenging task and usually doesn’t work. It’s simpler, easier and smarter to control other things to pull down an anxiety attack.

Using your brain & mind is much easier, faster and powerful to change your state. Awareness is the key. Let’s learn how to do the basics now.

Where is your current awareness located? Are you noticing the world from your eyes, your head, your chest or big toe. Just notice where you are aware of the world from in this moment. Don’t worry about making a mistake. It’s your subjective experience so you can’t possibly by wrong.

Now pick a very different area of your body and shift your awareness there (your big toe is good or the back of your left knee) and notice the world from this vantage point. The further away from “normal” this new perspective is the more powerful the effect you’ll notice. So if you normally view the world from your head if you move to under your feet you’ll notice big changes.

You’re deliberately practicing changing your point of view so you can apply this idea before and during a panic or anxiety attack. Most folks who suffer with chronic anxiety experience their world (during the attacks) from their chest/belly area. And the experience there is just awful with thumping blood, short breaths and sweating. Nasty stuff.

So when we feel the beginning of anxiety (the best time to nip it in the bud) you can opt to move your awareness to a safe, comfortable but different place in your awareness. You can find places that you like and see the world from this place. Your panic will try desperately to pull your attention back to the place of the panic. If you stay vigilant you can keep your awareness in safety…and that consistent action pulls down anxiety safely, quickly and easily.
The nasty truth is that anxiety MUST have you orient your attention to the place in your system when it is wired to exist. It cannot exist in other places. Really.

Here’s a super-advanced tip that I teach healers and body workers: the place where your awareness feels safe does not have to be in your physical body! Test out for yourself the area between your shoulder blades, but not on the body. Make the space two feet behind you in the air. Or, test out the space three inches below the bottom of both feet. Sounds crazy, but your brain & mind need new (and safe) input. They need a new map of where the safe place is to go during anxious times. When it does, anxiety fades fast.

Test it out in your own experience and find out for yourself.


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