The law of attraction (being in alignment)

nutshell headlineEssentially, the law of attraction says that there is always a match, a balance, between what you think and what you experience.

This ‘law of attraction’ is not a new concept. It has been written about many times in many ways for thousands of years. You can find it in the ancient teachings and scriptures, such as Ayurveda. It has also found a new following since the 1970’s through films like The Secret (Rhonda Byrne) and through believers such as Esther and Jerry Hicks and M. J. Losier. Also, Bruce Lipton, in his book ‘The Biology of Beliefs’, talks about breaking internal programs and patterns to create general well-being and balance and health in the body.

Thousands of great thinkers are turning their attention to it.

However, it does not seem to be working (yet!) for the majority of people for the majority of the time.

So what is the root cause of why it isn’t working for the majority of people yet? Well, in fact, it is working 100% of the time. What you are thinking about the majority of the time is a match with what you experience for the majority of the time. That’s the law of attraction. It is always working however, you are not allowing it to work in your favour yet! You are the one that is not allowing it to happen for you because you are not allowing yourself to be in alignment.

Our version, incidentally, is called the art of allowing. We call it this because you are not allowing yourself to receive what you wish for, because your thoughts are about the opposite and out of alignment for the majority of the time. Thinking about a new car for ten minutes a day is not likely to make it happen if your thinking is out of alignment for the majority of the time. i.e. for the remaining 23 hours and 50 minutes out of 24 hours of the day!

The law of attraction is always working 100% of the time.

What you think about for the majority of the time is what you experience for the majority of the time.

New understandings have shown how we process information in our brain/mind and then how we project this information into our own experience and emotionally charged daily reality.

It’s not just about thinking positively.

It’s about what you are thinking about consistently that is out of alignment with what you are wishing for!

A little effort can go a long way.

Think about 100% for a moment. 50% is half way. 50% is neither positive nor negative. If you move one way or the other by just 1% then you create a 2% gap. 51% is 2% greater than 49%. In fact, every 1% change gives a 2% shift.

For every 1% you get another 1% free. Just like a BOGOF!

BOGOF means Buy One Get One Free, which in this case means that when you put in effort of 1% then you get another 1% free, without any extra effort.

What you are thinking, doing and being for the majority of your time is the reality which you are experiencing for the majority of the time, and how you are experiencing and living your life.

So let’s go back to the law of attraction. It’s all about being in the majority. The bigger the percentage the stronger the attraction!

Phil and Warren


B-W-Help-Y-B-Self-300x212We all have a unique way of processing and experiencing our world
We do this in ways that we as individuals have been conditioned and programmed to process and experience it. How this information is processed and how then we project this into our view of the world directly influences how we experience it.

By understanding how the body/mind works and by developing more flexibility, balance and inner strength you can develop the ability to stay in a good state of mind for the majority of the time.Look at it like yoga for the brain. It should be your choice to have the life you would like to experience not the one you have been conditioned to experience.

In A Nutshell we provide you with the simplest, quickest and most practical solutions that you can apply in your own way, in your own time, in your own world. Our aim is simply to be as simple as we can possibly be, to allow you to choose whether to change or not and, if you do, how to do it if you wish.

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