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sophiaSomeone recently asked me if I could talk more about what being in the flow means.

When we are talking about philosophical or metaphysical topics, it is important to keep in mind that each individual has a subjective experience.  What it means to be in the flow for me may not mean the same for someone else, so it is important that everyone finds their own definition.

In my experience being “in the flow” has a touch of esoteric connotations but fundamentally I think it’s a way to describe whether you are aligned or not with your authentic self.

Being in the flow is when your outer world is reflecting your inner world. In other words, when your day to day reality is emulating a level of harmony and you feel you are on the right track. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are on a constant high, because I actually believe that when you are in the flow it is a rather gentle feeling, like a soft smile radiating inside your heart.

You are in the flow when you feel that you have the freedom to speak your mind honestly, to do the job that you love, to be with the people that nourish you but mostly when you feel a sense of inner peace.

If you hate your job, resent yourself or the people around you or feel restlessness about your direction in life, it is possible that you are not in the flow. Human beings are such intelligent machines, when sometimes we are out of kilter, our body, emotions and thoughts will give us a sign. This is why it is important to develop your intuitive skills, as they will help you to identify these signs as they come up. Being in the flow doesn’t mean that life is always an easy ride. In fact, to go to where you want to go, you may encounter a few challenges or obstacles, but this is also what makes us stronger and wiser as human beings.

To detect whether you are in the flow, you need to see for yourself whether your day to day life is corresponding to who you feel in the inside. If these two worlds are in agreement with each other, then we can say you are in the flow. This is a very rewarding experience and people who experience this state will always feel pulled towards raising the bar in their life.

If you feel that your outer world is not conforming to your inner principles, then you are most likely not living the life you really want to.  Of course, there may be degrees of being in the flow. You may have the job of your dreams and not be happy in romantic life, or you may have financial freedom but not feeling happy with your job, or you may be a mother whose kids have grown up and suddenly you are trying to find a place in society whilst you are very romantically fulfilled. The main thing is to recognise where you may be out of whack and keep fine tuning, like a balance scale, adding or removing weight, until it reaches the right balance.

Of course, there could be many reasons as to why someone is not experiencing a flow in their life. Perhaps past situations or traumas can certainly impact someone’s ability to feel connected with themselves or feeling enough self confidence that enables them to pursue the path of flow.

Developing your intuition as a tool to self awareness will certainly help to shine the light on where the river is not flowing and removing the blocks that will enhance more movement into your life.

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  1. Performing to ones principles rather than ones conditioned and expected responses has challenged many of us. Including myself. In my experience, the pressure to conform was outweighed by the inner principles and vales, eventually! This took a couple of painful years although I instinctively knew what was right, for me, from day 1 !! I guess to be and keep in the flow that the inner voice, the intuitive feeling always knows the answer so listen to it.

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