Deepak-ology or Chopra 101?

philforambassadorsIn this my series of extracts from ‘Crisis What Crisis?’, my 14 month journey with Dr Deepak Chopra and his ‘The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success’, I am in the final stages of preparing for my journey.

It is Day 18. If this was a physical, rather than a spiritual trek, I would effectively be at the stage of packing the tent up, checking my vittles and ensuring that I had my map to hand.

Or more likely, and because I am what I am, probably checking my kit again, checking pockets again, misplacing keys, finding my keys, closing the house door, opening it again, checking the lights, losing my keys, collecting Pablo (my faithful schnauzer and companion), finding my keys, standing blankly for a momenbt or two and then and only then, setting off. And then realising that my favourite music CD was left back at home.

I know you know what I mean So, my preparations went thus;

Day 18 Deepak-ology or Chopra 101?
I feel quite confident today. Not excessively so because I secretly fear that if I express too much confidence then two things will happen. Firstly, I will externally appear cocky and this is an image that I have projected in the past and which I shy away from these days. Secondly, that with my recent record of unsatisfied dreams (notice I did not say ‘failures’ – see, I am learning !) that if I actually openly acknowledge my satisfaction then the universe will somehow conspire to reverse it’s gift of small fortune to redress its own omnipotent balance.

Generally, though, things are OK. I have a small but ever-increasing band of followers on Twitter, I have attracted tentative but welcome attention on my online dating profile and, despite a late Friday evening with friends, I have not succumbed to a period of alcohol-related depression. For the record, I don’t drink much. I am a real lightweight. Anything more than two pints and I am tipsy, more than four and I am poorly and depressed a few days later! It makes socializing cheap but potentially hazardous! So today I sit to collect my thoughts on addressing Law 1, The Law of Potentiality.

Before I take five minutes to collect my thoughts (and clear my mind – more of this later, it’s a Dr Chopra special!) I decide to Twitter some tweets, or is that tweet some twitters? Either way I scan through my new followers and thank them for their time and attention. I think gratitude costs nothing and means much. I then trawl through all of the latest entries to forward on any meaningful content to my burgeoning band. This takes a little longer than I expected. I am struck by the amount of activity, content, forwarded information, sound-bites, adverts and chitter-chatter actually going on within my group. Does everyone need all of this? Do I? How do I tell the useful from the useless, sieve the quality from the quantity? And then, a shining light. Dr Chopra tweets. Perfect, think I. If nothing else this will be appropriate and succinct. Me and my followers will love this. But, and there always seems to be a ‘but’ despite it’s being banned from most personal development lingo and NLP courses, BUT, I read his messages and am more than a little crest-fallen. Not because they are trite or meaningless but frustratingly the opposite!!!

He uses words that I am familiar with such as ‘particles’ and ‘waves’ and ‘energy’ but in fragmented sentences that I cannot grasp the meaning of. I have read them before, in previous Dr Chopra books so I know the context to which he refers but it makes me realize the length of the journey between advanced level Dr Chopra-ology and where I am; firmly routed in Chopra 101! It deflates me a little but, and here’s the rub, I am not put off. I am inspired and motivated. I know the scale of the project. I know the length of the journey and still I wish to travel. Excellent, me thinks.
So here I am today. Practicing at least two of the fundamental aspects of The 7 Laws – albeit in the earliest of stages. Firstly, I am still finding time to ‘not think’. To let go for several moments EVERY day and ignore the chattering monkey. Secondly, I am acknowledging my commitment to the plan without letting the scale of it fire me back into procrastination and delay. Brilliant. Progress without really trying. Maybe this will be as easy as he first suggests. So to you I say this; take small steps, stick to the plan, do not be too hard on yourself and see inspiration for what it is.

Looking back from here to there I am struck by what has changed and, in truth, what has not. Whilst I am confident that I have progressed, grown and developed in many ways since this original experience, I am still very much a novice. Maybe I am now NOT being held back by my guru for another year in 101, but I am very much aware that I am myself, not a guru. Do I need to be? Who would or could tell me this anyway besides myself
Well, on this I will not dwell but I hope that in placing these extracts before you it will encourage you to follow my journey and even give you strength and confidence for one of your own.


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bookheadlineThis article is an excerpt from my attempt to follow the works of Dr Deepak Chopra; the world renowned guru on many mind and wellbeing therapies.

I decided that if I was going to make a reasonable and rational decision on the efficacy of such teachings then I would have to live them. In fact, this I believe is the only way to ‘test’ such theories. Since my ‘journey’ with the good Dr and his ‘Seven Spiritual Laws of Success’ I have had this approach reinforced and re-iterated; the ONLY way to truly know about something is to experience it.

We can read, listen, watch etc and in fact engage all of our wonderful physical senses (VAKOG – visual, auditory, kinetic, olfactory, gusatatory) from a semi-detached perspective but it is the experience of something, the doing of it, that totally embeds it into our physiology and mind.

So that’s what I did. Over a period of about 14 months I lived and breathed Dr Chopra’s laws.
The result? Well, you will have to read the book but I will be including similar excerpts, written as diary posts, over the coming months for the 3rdi magazine. This month’s piece is from very early in my travails. I hope that you enjoy, or at least engage with it.

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