Intuition and Success

sophiaI have the privilege to personally know and work with some amazing and talented people. It is not a secret that successful people all believe and use their intuition as a tool to navigate through their own internal world but also as way to recognise opportunities and to make wise decisions. Intuition, sixth-sense, gut feeling, inner voice, psychic power, clairvoyance all pretty much mean the same thing but I personally prefer to steer away from any esoteric terminology and keep it quite real and grounded.

We all are born with intuition. We all have it and, unlike some may believe, intuition is not a special gift we inherit from our psychic grandmother! All human beings possess this innate skill and the only issue with it is that due to various factors such as conventional school systems, upbringing, cultural background etc, we aren’t always taught how to develop it or integrate it in our lives. Much as a gym is where you go to train your body, I like to think of an intuition gym is where you can train and strengthen your intuitive muscles. When people say to me that they are not intuitive I always invite them to look a bit deeper. Did they really never have a feeling about something or a person? After thinking for a few minutes they start giving me all the examples which indeed prove that they are intuitive and in some cases they even knew that they were marrying the wrong person on the day of the wedding. That’s quite statement considering they just told me they are not intuitive!

There is one thing I can guarantee about intuition. It doesn’t work if you have an agenda. In other words, if you want to win the lottery or manipulate people’s feelings to gain an outcome, I can assure that you will not get what you want. This is because intuition does not operate on the level of the ego but it’s there to serve the soul in evolving. Intuition is a tool, a bit like a torch. It helps to shine the light. Simple as that.

Successful people see success more as a mindset than a state of being. In other words, for highly successful people, their success is primarily an attitude. Some said to me they always felt they were successful, even before they became so. By being their authentic self in everything that they do and following their calling was the goal, rather than the financial destination as being the priority. This came as a result of being aligned with their integrity. Tapping into your intuition will help you to recognise what you really love to do, find the commitment to the process and to never give up.

Whether we are talking about a career move or a relationship goal, the key to achieve success is to be your authentic self and honour your inner voice about what path is right for you. Just do it, without excuses. An idea is nothing if it is not put into action, and it’s better to act on something with only 80% of what you need, than not to act at all. The interesting part to realise is that success is not necessarily a ¬£multi-million goal. The key is to see success in every day to day life and in whatever you do, whether it’s a very small incident or a very big one like a huge business launch. Being persistent and consistent are vital steps in becoming successful, however when you’re in the flow, success comes easily.

Some people think that luck plays a role in achieving success. A very talented woman I know said she is grateful to the Universe for offering the opportunities of abundance, but she equally knows that she has made conscious choices about whether or not they access that potential. If luck means being at the right time in the right place, then luck plays a role, the only question to ask is whether this was luck or intuition on the first place.

Once you achieve success the ego may be afraid to lose everything, but remember that if success is a state of mind all you need to do is to work on your state of mind! Often successful people love to be a role model and to inspire others to create the same success. Be a good custodian of your artistic wealth and share it with those who need it most.

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