Great teamwork equals growth

REBECCA-25_pp-198x300On my travels, I see a lot of teams. There are two teams I want to use to illustrate how incredibly powerful great teamwork is.

The first team is one where people were unsure of their roles and responsibilities. They didn’t know who was in charge and they had no focal point for direction or vision.

They were constantly being told different things and couldn’t trust what was being said anymore because things changed so quickly. The person in charge of the business was inconsistent and would dip in and out, often micro managing when they were around which caused the team to lose confidence.

Sometimes the team would do well and sometimes it wouldn’t. Most of the time, the team struggled to perform at its optimum and often fell short of targets. The best individual performers in the team eventually left, further disrupting the performance of the team.

The business could have been so much more successful with a higher performing team.

Then there’s the other team: Each and every person in the team was very clear on their roles and responsibilities. They understood the direction and vision of their team leader and shared in those aims. They went the extra mile for their customers and actively wanted to help the business grow and develop.

The high performing team trust each other and share information and knowledge for the greater good of the business. They were supported and coached by their team leader so they’ve got real confidence in what they did each day. They were free to innovate within the parameters of the business and often surprised their team leader with fantastic new ways of doing things better for the business.

This happy team is still stable and people don’t leave very often. New people are welcomed and helped to understand how things are done and standards are maintained which means if a new member joins, they must subscribe to the teams values too.

Like all things that are worthwhile, building great teams takes time, energy and patience, it doesn’t happen over night. Once built, they will withstand many pressures and ultimately succeed.

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