Anatomy of a Breakthrough

Monica3rdiTo date, if there’s been a theme to 2014 it’s that friends and colleagues alike are wrestling with change. One dear friend is looking for a new place to express recently discovered talents. Another feels she wants to create a more meaningful version of the business she ran before having children. And a third is exploring her options by going back to school, but has no sense of where things will end up. All are impatient and anxious.

It is in our nature to periodically find ourselves in a state of constriction. Like the gestating baby bird gathering strength to break out of its egg, suddenly our lives can feel small… Pursuits which were once inspiring become stale, friendships that were sailing along hit the doldrums and even our mirror’s reflection says ‘yawn’.

Happily, it is in these times that we discover an impulse to push back. We decide to dress in something completely out of our comfort zone. We entertain wild dreams and fantasy. We ‘accidentally’ say something out of line. And as our soul makes quirky forays out to the edges of our known boundaries, we brave up for real change, learn a daunting new skill, meet new people and evolve our style.

But what if things don’t open up quickly enough? Are our expectations out of line? Or worse, are we delusional?

Although change is something we can consciously move towards, on the earth plane there is an organic gap between concept and realization. It is our task to wait in this gap and, like a martial artist, hold firm a paradox of stillness and forward motion. That tension is pure potential and just when it seems that nothing is happening at all, an energetic bridge of possibility is being created, growing the connection between our present and possible futures as the universe lines up new opportunity.

In this way we honour ‘the wait’ with joyful anticipation, focussing our vision and observing ourselves with compassion. And the next time we feel stuck, we can be happy. It’s that very sense of having outgrown our personal ecology which heralds change, as an awareness of the distance between how things are and how we would like them to be activates a powerful force.

In the natural order of things, as surely as the chick breaks through the hard shell of what was, we soon find our inspiration. We learn to walk and fly in a completely new paradigm and to be nourished in a completely new way.

qheartAbout Monica Renée Duncan

Author of Your Quantum Heart, Manifest from the Cosmic Web, Monica Renée Duncan is a heart-based hypnotherapist, energy and dreamworker, and blogs on spirituality at


A periodical writer for over three decades, she is a new contributor to 3rdimagazine.

“I’ve had many spontaneous and unusual encounters with the divine. For that reason, I have a passionate belief in the power and capacity of the human spirit to evolve. But every new level we attain begins with a first step, the recognition that we need guidance and help. The universe provides, when we ask.”

4 Comments on Anatomy of a Breakthrough

  1. I love this. Thank you Monica. A persistent challeng that I burden myself with in my life is that of managing frustration; patienbce if you like. I have heard many variations on this theme but this article will provide me with another context and approach that hopefully expands understanding and . . . well, patience I guess. Thank you.

  2. Monica Renée Duncan // October 11, 2014 at 10:14 pm // Reply

    Who was the wise one who said, ‘the goal of patience is… patience’. So maddeningly true.

  3. Being patient isn’t necessary if you live in the joy of each moment. Why be anxious about change when you have set the wheels in motion yourself? Like learning a new skill. Be immersed in learning the skill and nourished by the new experience rather than being concerned with the outcome. If you are focussed on the outcome – say painting a masterpiece – the joy of painting will be lost, learning will become a chore, anxiety about the final work will increase. Focus on the moment and the new experiences are valued equally.

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