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rudyIs there a way to know for sure what choice is in your best interest? Should you pick Alan or Fred? Have blueberries or cranberries on your cereal? Go with the apartment or the sub-let? Roses or Carnations? Date or marry?

Yes, there’s a simple internal way to know for sure. You’ll need some instruction and practice, but your Internal Guidance System is waiting for you to learn how to work it. It can help in finances, relationships, career, money, love, travel, food, clothing and any other choices you need to make.

There is good news…and even more good news. The system already exists within you and you can learn to use it with clarity, precision and trust after you practice with it. Even better, you’ll grow and develop as a person every time you choose to listen internally. Also, there are only ever two choices; one of strength and one of weakness. If you’ll move towards choices of strength you’ll open up your life to improvements, delight and wonders. Let’s learn how.
Put your attention in your chest and imagine puffing your chest out with pride, strength, confidence and honour. Take a moment to memorize how that feels. To compare, put your attention back in your chest and imagine it collapsing under the weight of dread, defeat, exhaustion and fear. Memorize how that feels.

These two feelings, the strong one and the weak one, are internal representations of how your Inner Guidance System or Inner Self actually feels. It feels either strong or weak. You will be very tempted to make decisions with this system by analysing and rationalizing with your head. Every time you use your head you’ll get bad information. Every time you follow the sensation in your chest you’ll do well.

Here’s how to use it on a simple choice: Think about the two choices you have for berries on your morning cereal. Blueberries or cranberries? One at a time think about cereal with blueberries and notice the Feeling or sensation that automatically arises in your chest. Don’t judge it. Now think about cereal with cranberries and notice the feeling or sensation that automatically arises in your chest. Don’t judge it.

One will feel like a puffed out chest and one won’t. Or…both will feel weak and collapsed. Think about your cereal with bananas and it may be the strong sensation. Whatever the specifics are you’ll have used your Inner Wisdom to help point out the choice that adds strength to your energy system. Even though you’re just deciding on cereal topping.
Why is this a big deal? Imagine a day when 50% of the choices you make in that day add strength to your energetic system. More hope, more energy, more productivity, more health, more balance, more love, better communication, more intimacy, better feeling throughout that day. Not bad, right? Most of us make less than 10% good choices on any given day, normally. Now imagine a day of 80% or 90% energy-adding choices and you’ll begin to see what’s possible.

Imagine using this way of deciding to choose the foods you eat, the conversations you entertain, the work choices you make, the time you spend with certain people or the tasks you choose to do in a day, a week or a month. This approach can overhaul your stuck places one decision at a time if you’ll learn this skill. It’s very powerful. I’ve taught my private clients this tool over the years and it has always been a valuable adjunct to their personal growth work.

Want to know if your loved one is being sincere? Test. Want to know what kind of work will really fulfil your needs? Test. Want to choose the best words for a special event? Test. It’s unlimited. One word of warning however. Don’t overdo it by testing everything in your life; or at least don’t annoy others with the details of what you’re doing. Use balance and sense…but test the big, important stuff. It can be an amazing tool that can help you develop a winning edge in love, finance, career, relationships, family and fun. Enjoy.

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Rudy has spent nearly 30 years helping dogs & people back to health and happiness using essential oils and energy work. He works long-distance helping people & pooches; often getting great results where other techniques have failed. His website, has lots of FREE healing resources for both species.

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  1. Once again wonderful advice Rudy. Decisions, decisions . . . !? I cannot think of a better way to live; by using our internal guidance system. If only we had more faith in it!

  2. I love Rudy’s advice. He’s always trying to help people. He doesn’t patronize you or judge you. He remembers what it is like to feel down.

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