Ventilated Consciousness

Ever had a crappy day? What can you do right now to help open you up to better feelings, higher choices and reduce your mental and emotional discomfort? Easy. Ventilate your consciousness with this simple and amazing energy technique I’ve taught clients for years. Take three minutes to learn how and you’ll have a useful tool for life.

Imagine burning toast. That nasty, pervasive smell and all that smoke goes through your home immediately and it’s tough to get it out. It’s natural to open all the windows and doors and allow the smoke to leave. That’s how we ventilate a home from burnt toast. We’ll apply the same idea to your consciousness to help you feel much better, fast.

What is consciousness? It’s the combination of your brain, mind and all your unconscious processes. It’s pretty much all of who you are. So, we’re not going to just ventilate your head, or your thoughts, or your ideas. We’re going to do the whole enchilada.

We already know what ventilating is; remember the toast? But how do we open all of you to let out the trapped, uncomfortable and tight feelings and sensations that seem stuck? It’s easy. We create mental (imaginary) portals that we can open and close in our mind.

We’ll create some portals in high-energy centers in your body by imagining there are valves or doors or windows in these energy hotspots. Imagine closed valves/doors/windows in the following places: top of your head, front and back of your chest, in your belly, in your lower back, palms of your hands and finally, the soles of your feet.

These valves are currently closed and you feel bad. You can already figure out what’s coming, right? Open all the valves at once and allow the dreadful feelings and sensations to come pouring out. They will. You don’t need to push, force or manipulate anything. Just open the valves and notice the “stucknesses” leave of their own accord.

Your job is only to KEEP the valves open and ALLOW the bad sensations to leave. It may take three seconds, thirty seconds or even an entire three minutes. When you’re done close the valves and notice how much better you feel. Notice the lightness and the released pressure. Neat, huh? Sure is.

Did all the trapped, bad, terrible feelings leave? If there’s some left do it again, and again if you need. You can’t do this too much and you’ll reap amazing benefits every single time you ventilate your consciousness in this particular way.

One of the amazing, fun and astounding things about the way we were designed as people is that when you do this with the idea you’re ventilating ALL of you, your body, mind and spirit all benefit. In fact, you can take some challenging physical troubles and begin to reduce their intensity with amazing speed if you’ll practice this technique.

Here a hint for pain: this technique which I’ve taught hundreds of people (called Ventilated Consciousness) is exceptionally good for rapid pain reduction and it can reduce swelling. It’s also terrific to help folks forgive and let go of the grudges they’re holding onto.

If you need further help with the energetics of this you can check my website for more help and details. Know that as you practice and use this technique you’ll begin to live from a more open, expanded and naturally optimistic state of being. Enjoy.

Article submitted by and copyright Rudy Hunter. All rights reserved.


rudyRudy has spent nearly 30 years helping dogs & people back to health and happiness using essential oils and energy work. He works long-distance helping people & pooches; often getting great results where other techniques have failed. His website,  has lots of FREE healing resources for both species.

The doctors I have worked with have come to me for personal issues because traditional methods had failed them and their families.

Rudy has worked with lots of Doctors and here’s some feedback from them.

Rudy says, “What’s of vital importance, however, is NOT WHAT ANY DOCTOR OR OTHER AUTHORITY TELLS YOU!
It’s about your own, direct experience of this work.  Try it out for yourself and trust your guts. That one piece of advice can be the beginning of taking back your power to heal.”

12 Comments on Ventilated Consciousness

  1. Feels refreshing indeed 🙂

  2. It helped with my anxiety immediately! Thank you

  3. Rudy,
    Great article and method ! Now lets All get together and picture this also happening to the whole planet. Imagine all those valves or windows opening up and releasing all the discordance on Earth from Every Living, Breathing, Entity Here ! And let’s do it everyday @ 8pm ( reader’s time ). Yay Rudy ! ~*~ thanks so much …

  4. Thank you Rudy, I’ll use this often!

  5. Hi!
    Thanks for sharing… interesting experience I had. Just by reading the article I felt some breeze passing through. And after that a sense of renewal and freshness! I am going to remember that tip!:-)

  6. Hi Rudy, cool. This an easy and effective way of instant relief and release. Works like “magic”. I am constantly reminded of the importance of how we use our consciousness and the simple and effective ways we can change our reality by changing our attention and awareness. Thanx for this positive reminder. best

  7. Excellent article Rudy! And another way to offer your amazing information to people who may have missed you on teleseminars! To anybody that is not familiar with Rudy’s work yet, the ideas presented may seem odd to you, but I urge you to give it a try! I assure you Rudy’s work/techniques are unique, but they absolutely
    work! Do yourself (and your pets!) a favor and check out his websites! Kim

  8. Brilliant, Rudy. The technique is so similar to energy work I do with people only I need to do it with and for them. This is a great DIY process. Thank you!

  9. Thanks Rudy the ventilating technique has helped a lot with releasing pain

  10. Catherine Perez-Hall // September 10, 2014 at 10:35 pm // Reply

    EVERYTHING all instructions,calls,articles,processes work for me Rudy & this one is no exception.Thank you & Bless you.Catherine

  11. This is a great process to help children with the heavy energies and emotions they pick up from all who surround them. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Sending you a BIG hug!!!

  12. Thank you for sharing this valuable technique. I used it for a very difficult emotion and it eased up by about 30 percent right away. For past six days, have continued to use the valves to quickly and effectively cut the intensity of unpleasant feelings like overwhelm and anxiety when they pop up unexpectantly. Much gratitude.

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