How does your processing work?

Your thoughts have a direct effect on your behaviour and vice versa. Your breathing has an effect on your emotional state of mind and vice versa.

These emotionally influenced experiences can be fired off from an external trigger; a word, a smell, a sound, a feeling, the way someone looks at you or what someone says or does to you. Someone or something outside of you has triggered an emotional state inside you.

The trigger sets off a chain of events including thoughts, feelings, and a shift in physiology. This also creates an emotional response where the body produces chemicals to match the mind state that you are now in. There is always a match between what you are thinking and how you are feeling and we also know that the stress-related chemicals released under stress are not good for the body long term. The only difference is the state of mind which the trigger has created and how the emotional response makes you feel.

The more that your negative trigger is fired then the more you do the behaviour and the more you repeat the action and the better at it you become. Repetition means that you are practising this behaviour until you can do it unconsciously. This is how we learn!

What you are thinking, doing and being for the majority of your time is the reality which you are experiencing for the majority of the time, and how you are experiencing and living your life.

It’s not just about thinking positively.
It’s about what you are thinking about consistently that’s out of alignment with what you are wishing for!

Your mind is like a search engine. It looks for answers that you request of it and the things that you say to yourself via the images or internal representations which you make inside your head. It does this purely based on your command i.e. the words that you put into your search engine.

So, ask yourself this question
What’s crap about my life?
Now ask yourself
What’s great about my life?

You requested the images that appeared to you when you asked these questions and these images brought with them feelings. I asked you to ask yourself the questions, you requested and you felt. So, you need to be aware of the questions that you ask.
Most of us only consider change when our current circumstances become unsatisfactory, frustrating or debilitating or when we keep receiving undesired outcomes and results.

Most people only change when enough is enough!

If you take the relatively small step outside of your inner world into the world of business then you will probably, with just a couple of minutes consideration, be able to bring to min d many and various triggers that have effected your behaviour, communication and action. Add to this, the increasingly pressurised economic environment, and the chase for secure liquidity with the impact that this has on general social wellbeing and it’s easy to see how we could become over-whelmed and/or feel threatened in some way.

It is, therefore, essential that you are in control of you; that you are behaving and communicating from your own place of strength and integrity. It is important that you are aware of your thoughts and responses and to ensure that your interaction and exchange comes from the true, real you and not the conditioned, effected you.

This may sound easy and obvious but before you dismiss it out of hand, please consider this; whose opinion is yours anyway? Is it your own, from learning and experience or is it a function of your history and environment? Is your behaviour authentic to your self or is it simply the conditioned response that you have sub-consciously (or consciously) adopted over a period of time?


indexArticle submitted by Philip Birch

“The first part of this article is an excerpt from my latest book; co-written with Warren Adams. We have attempted to distil the essence of many personal development teachings to provide tools and techniques for anyone and everyone to take control and to be the cause of their life and emotions.

Essentially, it is NOT a self help book, it’s a help your blooming self book!

If you would like to discuss this further, then please comment below or contact me through the magazine. The book will be available in print in autumn 2014 but is already on Kindle via this link

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