CSSC – post games survey results

Earlier this year Claire Logie spoke with Johanna Buchanan, Project Manager for the Cross-sector Safety & Security Communications (CSSC) Scotland Hub; this is a collaborative initiative between Police Scotland, the Scottish Government, the Scottish Business Resilience Centre and a range of private sector businesses. It aims to help ensure that Scotland remains a safe place to do business during the major events planned for 2014.

CSSC Scotland carried out a post Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games survey amongst Industry Sector Leads (ISLs) and other businesses and partners.

The results have been very positive and evidence how far CSSC Scotland has come since its inception in January 2013.  The feedback shows that CSSC Scotland has delivered on its objectives and supported Scottish businesses to prepare for and operate effectively during the Games.  We are very grateful to all our partners who helped make this happen.

Some of the highlights are:

  • 98% said CSSC Scotland is an effective means of enabling communication between the public and private sectors.
  • 93% felt the public and private sector effectively shared information on safety, security and resilience. This represents a 51% improvement to the previous survey in 2013 in which 42% agreed and 39% disagreed.
  • 89% were either ‘Very Confident’ (47%) or ‘Confident’ (42%) that in the event of an unexpected incident during the Games that the public sector information they needed would be made available via CSSC Scotland. This represents an increase in confidence of 52% from the 2013 survey.

To access the full survey results please visit:  http://www.cssc.gb.com/cssc-scotland-business-survey-results/

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