Why are we so complacent about the pay gap?

newsboxThis month it was revealed that women still have 60 years to wait for equal pay. The Office for National Statistics figures show that women earn 19.7% less than men. Tempting as it is to ruminate upon how I’ll spend my wage hike when I’m 96 (perhaps a new bath chair or stairlift?) I’ve got a question about the present first, and it’s this: we have to wait A HUNDRED YEARS for the 1970 Equal Pay Act to work? Are you on GLUE?

The pay gap isn’t just bad for women, it’s bad for the entire economy. Oxfam’s G20 and Gender Equality report estimates that if women’s paid employment rates were the same as men’s, the Eurozone’s GDP would increase by 13%. The TUC says women earn £5,000 a year less than men and the CBI is so concerned it has demanded that the next government commit to setting a national target to tackle the problem. Strange, then, that equal pay isn’t a more common topic of ordinary political conversation. It should be up there with the headline-grabbers: jobs, immigration, education and the NHS. Why isn’t it?

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