Is it still not working for you?

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It is still not working for you?
Many of us have tried self help and personal development tools. Whether your preference is a Tony Robbins approach, The Secret, NLP or the law of attraction you may be concerned that ‘it’ is not working for you. Well, help is at hand and the first thing that you should do is add a simple word – yet. It may not be working for you YET. Here are just a couple of suggestions as to maybe why not.

A brief test
It may be as simple as asking yourself:-

  • Who or what am I blaming outside of myself?
  • How am I framing my experiences?
  • Am I applying my convenient beliefs?
  • How am I communicating to myself?
  • What or who am I allowing to effect me?
  • Am I taking 100% responsibility? (Cause / Effect)

Next, if you ARE taking full responsibility for the emotions that you are feeling, ask yourself:-

  • Has this happened before?
  • Has this affected you in the past? (Maybe most your life?)
  • Are you dropping other previous unresolved events onto current situations?

It is only when you stop blaming and take responsibility for your own emotional responses and behaviour and for your communication, will you find yourself experiencing patterns being broken. Then and only then will the lessons appear. Until you take responsibility the lessons are outside of your awareness.

Take the time to ask yourself the right questions such as:-

  • What HAVE I learned from this?
  • What can I do differently?
  • How can I make even small improvements?
  • How long did it take me to ‘get it’ this time?

There will be progress and it does not matter how big a step this is at any one time. Any and all progress is good. You have layers and levels and by continuing to be aware that when you strip off these layers and of changing behaviours, of getting closure and of being at cause, your feelings will reward you.

How good do you feel now?

Warning: beware of sabotage!
Whether you recognise it or not, you are probably being sabotaged on a daily basis and worse it is probably by yourself.

For example, you have an issue with a colleague at work. You believe that you are due some recognition or an explanation or apology. The ideal remedy is clearly to discuss the matter directly and openly with the colleague in question. But do you? You talk to other colleagues and gather their responses and opinions. You take it home and discuss it with your partner. You carry it with you to the pub and take in more feedback and opinions from your friends, but crucially you still do not have closure. You have avoided the chance of closure by avoiding communicating directly. And worse, you have actually reinforced this behaviour of avoidance and non-closure so that it now becomes the natural normal pattern of behaviour whenever there is an issue for you to resolve.

Your brain never shuts off. You may be asleep but your mind is working through the night and because of this, when you are not in conscious control, it keeps occupied by endlessly running repeat performances of old internal movies. Sometimes it may create different endings, but it will never get real closure without your attention and action.

In a nutshell we have taken what we believe to be the essence of many personal developmental processes and systems, from East to West, and have distilled these down to simple, practical and, most importantly, successful practices. The above are simply a couple of samples of how you may be able to unlock your own freedom and abundance.

If you are interested in these, and much more, please get in touch or comment below and remember, action is always the key to change so

Just blooming do it!

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philbirchbw-e1297112991794Phil is currently teaching the principles of Ethiconomics through coaching and training courses and aims to convert all business leaders to this way of thinking.
“I hope, through my work, to inspire business leaders and entrepreneurs to become part of a growing breed of ‘Ethiconomists’, who realise that life is so much more rewarding, emotionally and ultimately financially, when its lived the right way.”
Phil is founder of the3rdimagazine and writes monthly business advice and opinion pieces, which appear under the name of Ethiconomics.  He also writes regular pieces on values and personal development

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B-W-Help-Y-B-Self-300x212We all have a unique way of processing and experiencing our world
We do this in ways that we as individuals have been conditioned and programmed to process and experience it. How this information is processed and how then we project this into our view of the world directly influences how we experience it.

By understanding how the body/mind works and by developing more flexibility, balance and inner strength you can develop the ability to stay in a good state of mind for the majority of the time.Look at it like yoga for the brain. It should be your choice to have the life you would like to experience not the one you have been conditioned to experience.

In A Nutshell we provide you with the simplest, quickest and most practical solutions that you can apply in your own way, in your own time, in your own world. Our aim is simply to be as simple as we can possibly be, to allow you to choose whether to change or not and, if you do, how to do it if you wish.

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