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30449_439282850694_8278335_nBritain’s Next Bestseller is a new publishing imprint with a difference. We want to shake up the way the publishing industry works. We feel that the industry is unbalanced. It’s dominated by the big players. For small players with smaller voices it can be difficult to be heard.

Even the most successful authors were all just ‘starting out’ at some point. Some of the world’s best loved books nearly didn’t make it to our shelves… JK Rowling was advised by an editor to ‘get a day job’ since she had little chance of making money in children’s books. Dan Brown was rejected by publishers because his book was ‘so badly written’ and the authors of the 125+ million bestselling ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ received over 140 rejections because ‘Anthologies don’t sell’. What a huge loss it would have been to readers, writers and anyone who loves books if these hadn’t made it.

That’s why we are offering a refreshing approach. We are all about creating a community. One where people feel comfortable, at ease and supported. This approach starts at the top of BNBS and trickles all the way down. Internally, as a team, we all support one another, learn from one another and celebrate each other’s successes.

This is true of our approach externally as well. We are working to create a community of authors. We don’t care if an author is already established or aspiring, our community is open to all. The only requirement being that you have a complete, fully edited, but unpublished manuscript. Once we have established an author’s pre-order target and deadline, we help them to get ready to “pitch” their manuscript to the reading public through our site www.britainsnextbestseller.co.uk

But that is just the start of our relationship with them. We understand the emotional significance of trying to get published and provide emotional support wherever possible. One way we do this is to encourage our authors to support one another, through creating a sense of community amongst themselves. Whilst most of them may never meet, social media has given a whole new meaning to the word “community”. Community no longer has to be defined by geographic location. Twitter has enabled our authors to support one another both emotionally and practically.

Whilst this is all fantastic, we can’t afford to forget readers. As where would authors be without them? That is why we are also working to build a community of readers at two levels. The first, is of readers interested in the overall BNBS approach, who are keen to browse exciting new manuscripts and want to have the opportunity to choose what books get published. We are constantly working to grow the BNBS reader base by looking for established communities, e.g. books clubs, interest groups, blogger groups etc that we feel will have a genuine interest in our offering. The other readers’ community is one that we encourage and help authors to create themselves. A community of support for their individual books. Initially we show them ways to grow support amongst their existing followers; friends, family and colleagues. We then show them ways to widen the net so they can attract both local community who may want to support local talent and a national following.

So, how does it work?
It’s simple. Our authors have access to a vibrant online platform and powerful social media tools. They must demonstrate demand for their book by securing a pre-agreed number of pre-orders. Hit their target and a guaranteed publishing contract, with industry beating royalties, will see their book go from manuscript to printed masterpiece in just 12 weeks. The more popular a manuscript is, the more resources we throw at it to make it a Bestseller. If the public want to read it we want to publish it!

Readers get a great deal too… browse exciting manuscripts, search out and support that next bestselling author, their name printed in every edition of the book, along with getting a copy of the book 2 weeks before public release.

Why was BNBS established?
Ultimately, we want to give authors a new, fairer way to get published without relying on literary agents, traditional publishers or self-publishing houses. We want to give authors a more profitable way to publish their manuscript. We want to give them a faster way to see their dream go from manuscript to printed book. We want to empower readers so they can decide the books that get published. The books they want to read!

One author that has recently joined the BNBS community is Philip Birch. He has written an open and honest account of how he felt as he encountered “mid-life.” Mid-life doesn’t have to mean buying fast cars or expensive holidays, it can mean facing the biggest challenge we will ever have to face. That is what Philip did and documented over 15 months, in his book “Crisis. What crisis?” If you want to find out more about his journey, or just how the BNBS concept works – please visit www.britainsnextbestseller.co.uk where you can browse extracts from books trying to bag a book deal.

Join the revolution today.
Our community is growing daily so why not join us? Whether you love reading or are looking for a new way to get published visit www.britainsnextbestseller.co.uk today. The only way we can continue to grow our community is with your support, so please do pay us a visit. Thank you. Britain’s Next Bestseller – where readers discover new books and authors are discovered.

Join us on our exciting journey at www.facebook.com/BNBSbooks and Twitter: @BNBSbooks. For more information please contact Murielle Maupoint, CEO & Founder of Britain’s Next Bestseller, part of Live It Publishing, by email – info@bnbsbooks.co.uk or call 0845 388 1128.

Article written by Clare Sidebottom, Marketing and PR for Britain’s Next Bestseller.

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