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rudyIt’s possible to live a larger life by expanding your consciousness. I’ll teach you how in just about three minutes. You can use this skill for the rest of your life to live a larger life. It will also help you, as it has for many of my clients, with pain, dark feelings and sadness. Try it out for yourself.

Take a journey with me inside yourself (just pretend you know how to do this) and put your awareness in the middle of your torso. From here, imagine that someone is activating a series of hooks or vacuum cleaners from outside yourself and it pulls at your skin in every direction. Notice this does not feel very good. It feels like “being told what to do” or being “bossed around” or just a plain “not nice” feeling.
This is NOT a good way to expand yourself. You’ll tend to rebel against this very feeling. Why? Even though it’s activated or imagined by you, the power is external to yourself. Not useful.

Let’s do the opposite to get an opposite response; one we want.
Put your attention back into the middle of your torso. Now, imagine that you are gently inflating yourself so your skin gently expands out in all directions. Three hundred and sixty degrees; but keep it gentle. You’ve just “puffed yourself up” in a good way so you’re now a bit larger than you were a few moments ago. Feels nice, right? It does…and this feeling can be a powerful tool for you.
Before we go further let’s do it again, but with a more specific focus. Pick an area of your physical body that feels tight, uncomfortable or unpleasant. Now put your awareness there. Gently expand and inflate that area. Do it slowly and notice that your level of comfort increases with the expanded awareness. Neat stuff.

Now take an emotion you’ve been grumbling about in the past few hours or days. Imagine you can picture it somewhere in your physical body. Don’t stress about this. Just pretend. Expand it slowly and make it larger; note that your discomfort diminishes as your awareness expands.
Here’s the big secret of the Universe: as above, so below. How does that apply? You cannot expand your awareness of a physical spot, emotion or your self without expanding ALL of who you are. Don’t worry; you don’t need to understand all the rules to get all the benefits.

I’ve taught clients over the years how to Expand Yourself From Within and they’ve used it for pain, stress and happiness. You can reap all the benefits with just a few minutes of practice.

If you want more fun tools like this one there are many available at www.HuntersHealingCalls.com for you to use. Enjoy.

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  1. Thanks Rudy.
    This works! I sometimes forget the power of breathing, posture and inner awareness and I loved this reminder. Thanks again for such a simple but extremely effective technique.

  2. tessa friedman // May 9, 2014 at 2:43 pm // Reply

    I have been blessed to have benefited from Rudy’s techniques and this man really knows his stuff! He is such a gifted healer and his fabulous sense of humor is an added bonus! Thanks for sharing this article.

  3. Love this! Been using Rudy’s free energy healing calls for a while now and have to say they are amazing

  4. Thanks Rudy, your techniques are gentle and produce great results. That exercise was easy and provided the calming I needed today. Thank you for sharing this simple yet effective trick. I’ll be using this as a tool!

  5. Hi Rudy,

    Such a simple exercise, yet with so many benefits and the more one practices the better the benefit. I have learnt the art of abdominal breathing, yet have not been aware of breathing 360°, so I looked more intensively on the web to see exactly what that entailed and then returned to this page to continue…..wow….really great, this, I shall practice until it becomes more habitual, yet the learning and daily practices shall continue to keep it strong.

    Many thanks for this guideline and the many tools you offer on your website, really assists us along our pathway to be the best we can be.

    kindest regards,

  6. Fabienne // May 9, 2014 at 3:30 pm // Reply

    What a wonderful exercise! I love it – you can feel it instantly and it is of great help!

    I have added it to my tool box of mental exercises. I highly recommend this – and all stuff that comes from Rudy Hunter. I was able to see so much improvement in my life using his great Tools. Thank you so much, Rudy Hunter and please continue to share this precious healing treasures. I was able to get rid of a very severe eye infection in the last month using his wonderful grid work for organs and glands. I have almost been blind and now I am back to see almost everything again in my life. My left eye has completely healed. That’s a miracle, that’s a Wonder – and I am very grateful for this. Again – thank you 🙂

  7. Giselle Whitwell // May 9, 2014 at 4:29 pm // Reply

    Dear Rudy,

    Thank you for sharing this simple and beautiful exercise, so practical and helpful, I much appreciate your generous sharing of these great little tools! Loving blessings to you,


  8. Feels good. You were right about being expanded from the outside – it was not pleasant. Interestingly I did was doing a mind expanding meditation on a Buddhist retreat a long time ago and I found that me feet had expanded so much that I was a larger shoe size.

  9. I have been a subscriber to Rudy’s lovely news letter for more than a year now. And I have to say, I think I have a “secret” crush on him :)… His work is just that good. Thank you Rudy for yet another good technique. I have had some family issues and did this just now as I felt some tension in my lower rib cage, and what do you know? Tension gone. Did this take away the issue? It might, who knows. I think we all owe it to ourself to try it, and see what happens.

    Again thank you Rudy.



  10. Thank you, Rudy. This worked immediately on a physical pain to take it from a 12 on a scale of 1-10, to around an 8. Not bad for 30 seconds! Will be re-expending the area and using this more.

  11. Thank you for sharing yet another of your wonderful techniques. It’s amazing how many people in this field are fearful of sharing, talking the talk but not walking the walk of non-scarcity, non-lack in the universe. Rudy, you know the secret of the universe, that it is not just plentiful, but infinite. The mark of a true healer.

  12. Hi Rudy I just have one word GENIUS!!!!;)

  13. So simple, yet so effective! Rudy’s healing work is a real blessing – as is his generosity and kindness. All of the tools and tips he offers work safely and quickly, and have been a great help to me in so many ways. Listening to his calls always reminds me to lighten up and laugh – a powerful blend of skillful energy work and a great sense of humor!

    With love and gratitude to you Rudy,

  14. I have been following Rudy Hunter for a couple of years now and his wonderful, simple energetics are really effective. Good to see that Rudy is now gaining a wider audience here in the UK. Thanks for all the amazing tools you share with the world, Rudy. You are truly helping to make a difference.

  15. Keep it simple…my mommy always said (kiss). Rudy always makes it simple and easy to follow

  16. I constantly find it amazing how the universe works out ways to gift to me healing at the right moment. I had been sitting at my computer fusing over an incomplete project and my back and neck were aching!! Then I had a look at your email and clicked over to this article … and presto back ache gone POOF!! Thanks Rudy .. you totally ROCK!!

    Gift Receive Gift Receive Inhale Exhale Inhale Exhale Rinse Repeat

  17. Thanks Rudy! I’ve always been very resistant to ‘have to’s, need to’s and should’s’ (those outside hooks) so this will be a perfect alternative. Love your work and your generosity with freebies. I have a couple of your toolkit packages too! 🙂

  18. Catherine Perez-Hall // May 10, 2014 at 3:54 pm // Reply

    There is no one as special as this Healer Rudy Hunter…no work as amazing as this,literally EVERYONE can benefit!please just give the exercises a try ,you won’t be disappointedThank you Rudy and thank you Phil and Karen.(I’m considering starting a Rudy Hunter Fan Club?i’m sure we’ll be inundated!haha)

  19. I tried it, it’s so simple and it works. I’ve also tried a lot of Rudy’s other healing techniques and they are simple and quick and give you quick relief in the moment. Rudy is so compassionate which really comes through his healing calls and interviews.

  20. Thank you for sharing this effective exercise. I was pleasantly surprised that it helped ease both my neck pain and also a difficult emotion. In both cases, this expansion technique gave me a sense of comfort and freedom. Many thanks.

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