What to do when the wisdom doesn’t work?

Jane KenyonI remained positive, I focussed, I chanted affirmations daily, I visualised, I meditated, I behaved as though it had already happened. I even prayed and guess what… It did not happen. I did not attract it, I failed to manifest it and it is not here!! How unfair is that?

Sometimes the Universe is not as obedient as we order it to be, regardless of how much we want and need something. In my experience there is always a reason for this even if we refuse to see it, hear it or feel it at the moment of impact.

So what to do?

Well, initially give yourself some space to feel the loss/pain/disappointment – this might mean some solitude or the opposite a night out chatting about it with your girlfriends; or both. Give yourself permission to be sad, angry, frustrated, upset, down. Hibernate for a while if you need to, this is all part of the process. And then what?….

Then it is time to learn the lessons from the miss hit. What has this taught you about you, a certain individual or people, the actions you took or failed to take, your expectations. Was this failure a repeat? What have you still not got, as the universe will keep presenting you with the same outcome until it feels you have learnt the lessons within.

The ability to get back up after a loss; To allow yourself time to let go and learn; to then re-frame and recharge is also known as emotional resilience or as our grand parents would say ‘character building’! And in my opinion, emotional resilience is the key attribute necessary to live an outstanding life.

But emotional resilience is not free, it must be earned. It is the gift the universe grants you when you have the courage to step up and out of your comfort zone, when you dare to harness your vulnerability, when you love, live and dream and give the world access to the best version of you! It is about playing full out, every day. Only when you do this will you have the opportunity to fail, the alternative is to live a safe, mediocre life and I know you deserve more.

So today I am embracing the silence in order to listen to my intuition and access the lessons. I am disappointed and hurt but I will bounce back a stronger person, I will remain the driver of my destiny and not simply a passenger. So bring it on….

Jane Kenyon is a regular contributor to the3rdimagazine.

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