Is being confident just about positive thinking?

994419_724160474260637_481753569_nIs being confident just about positive thinking?

In simple terms, the authors of ‘In A Nutshell’ say No!
It is more about just what it is that you are thinking about negatively. You are what you think. The law of attraction, for example, says that there is always a match, a balance, between what you think and what you experience.

Ayurveda tells us that every cell of the body is replaced over a 12 month period and that, in fact, we have an almost completely new cell-body every year. One of the rules of Ayurveda (Life Knowledge) one of the oldest global teachings from the East says that if you want to know that you’re going to physically look like in 12 months time then take a look at your how and what you are thinking now!

If you want to know what you were thinking 12 months ago then have a look at your physical body now!

There is always a match!

This ‘law of attraction’ is not a new concept. It has been written about many times in many ways for thousands of years. You can find it in the ancient teachings in the earliest scriptures, such as Ayurveda. It has also found a new following in the 1980’s through films like The Secret and through believers such as Abraham Hicks and M J Losier. Also, Bruce Lipton, in his book ‘The Biology of Beliefs’, talks about breaking internal programs and patterns to create general wellbeing and balance and health in the body. Thousands of great thinkers are turning their attention to it.

Your life to date is solely based upon the conditioning and life experiences which you have had so far. If you do not choose to change this conditioning then you will get the same, or similar, experiences. And this very much includes confidence. Change this conditioning and you can change the experiences you will have in the future.

Metaphorically speaking, if this was a recipe for a cake, changing any ingredient in the recipe will result in a different cake. You simply cannot end up with the same cake.

Q: Is it just about internal improvements?
A: No it’s not just about that at all. In fact it’s about the whole of you, including the physical body, becoming in alignment with your thinking.

The overall belief is that the picture or self image that you have is like a blue print or a plan for your body/mind to work from.

Warren has his own personal experiences of this to be true. In fact, this was the main reason that he undertook his own journey back in the 1990’s. The book is based upon these experiences. He was unfortunately given bad news from Doctors on two separate occasions. The first time, after falling from a roof and separating most of the bones in his right foot, he was told by the surgeon that the only sport he would play in the future would be tiddly-winks and that he would struggle to walk without a limp, a stick or pain from then on for the rest of his life.
His response at the time was “I can’t see that”

On the second occasion, boiling tar he was working with became so hot that it self- ignited. Boiling tar is far hotter than boiling water and much stickier. He very badly burned his right arm, face and leg. He was advised by Doctors that he would need major skin grafts because he was burnt so badly.

His answer again “I can’t see that”

He had no experience of the power of the mind at that point nor about the importance of getting the internal representations (images) right. He just simply saw himself in the future with nothing physically wrong. He completely recovered with no skin grafts, minimal scarring, no limp, no stick, no medication and hardly any pain.

Most of us have heard about placebos and how that sometimes they can have a magical affect. Maybe if the person who takes it truly believes the placebo to be a magical cure then it will, in fact, make them better. It may be that this in itself can be enough for them to have a shift in their internal image from illness to health.

Warren say’s he is not a Doctor. He is just a dyslexic, un-educated roofer who has had an experience, that’s all! He is convinced, however, that just how you see yourself in your internal representation (self image) right now, can have a great effect on your physical body and well-being in the future.

When you change your state of mind you instantly change your behaviour, your emotional response (how you feel), your thinking AND your outcomes. Instantly, your external world will also change to fit your new state of mind.

In A Nutshell, is not a self help book, it is a help your blooming self book!

The authors state that if you read the book you will get to know

  • how to take action to break old patterns of behaviour
  • how to stay in a positive state of mind for the majority of the time
  • how to help yourself to your own better outcomes
  • how to create a rapport with your unconscious mind
  • how to improve your self-image and
  • become happy and confident with your new skills

The more results and changes that you experience then the more belief you will have in the process and then the more you trust the process, the stronger this belief becomes. This taking action and getting consistent results installs the process to the point where you will know it to be true based on your own experiences. You will see that almost any change is possible.

If you do suffer with intermittent self doubt or a lack of confidence, then In A Nutshell could be your first step to a confident, happy and fulfilled you.

You can buy the book on-line, here

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