CSSC Scotland Hub set up to help keep Businesses informed during a year of Major Events

csscAs the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games approach, businesses are starting to prepare for the increased trade opportunities but it is also important to consider the impact from a business continuity perspective.

The CSSC (Cross-sector Safety & Security Communications) Scotland Hub is a shared initiative between Police Scotland, the Scottish Government, the Scottish Business Resilience Centre and a range of private sector businesses. It aims to help ensure that Scotland remains a safe place to do business during the major events planned for 2014. A similar hub was set up in London ahead of the 2012 Olympic Games and the CSSC is now established as a registered charity in England and Wales, with CSSC Scotland applying to be added to this. It aims to be a trusted voice of essential information for the Scottish business community and will share accurate and timely information via a network of communication conduits known as Industry Sector Leads (ISLs).

These ISLs play a critical role in the success of the initiative. Acting as key points of contact, they feed in security and resilience information or concerns from businesses to the Hub and also share information from the authorities on matters such as protest activity, severe weather and any other incidents which may have an impact on business operations.

The CSSC relies on businesses volunteering staff and resources and the CSSC Scotland Hub is based in central Glasgow in an RBS building. It is staffed by volunteers from the public and private sectors and currently has representatives from The Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBS), Co-Operative Group, Securitas, Tesco Bank, Police Scotland and the Scottish Prison Service (SPS) working full or part time. Secondees enjoy the opportunity to engage directly with a nationwide initiative and to network within and across industries and sectors. Businesses still have the opportunity to second staff into the Hub during Games time.

Any businesses that are interested in finding out more or getting involved with the CSSC Scotland project should contact the Project Team at: Scotland@cssc.gb.com or visit the website at www.cssc.gb.com/scotland.

Here are some examples of the value that the CSSC in London has brought to businesses and the support that CSSC Scotland has received to date:

Adele Mills, Tesco Bank’s Community Investment Manager commented:
“Tesco Bank is committed to using its scale for good and to providing support to our local communities. By seconding Kenneth to CSSC Scotland we are supporting the creation of a trusted communications channel between the public and private sector which will be of benefit to businesses across Scotland, both during the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games and beyond. We’re delighted to be lending our support to this important project.”

Deputy Chief Constable Steve Allen, the Police Scotland Commonwealth Games Security Director, said:
“CSSC Scotland offers us another channel through which to reach many of our business partners at the touch of a button and share information that impacts upon their business area. This new communications channel will give them access to vital news and updates for both day-to-day business and during major events and I would urge all businesses to become involved with CSSC Scotland.”

Andrew Nicholls, Head of Security and Licensing at Mitchells & Butlers PLC, the UK’s largest operator of pubs, clubs and restaurants, explains the value that CSSC has brought to his business:
“In the event of an emergency or security situation any business is faced with making decisions about what to do. If key decision takers don’t have the right information then they will struggle to make the right decisions. CSSC is a voluntary and free system which enables the authorities to communicate quickly with business and provide them with factual information either immediately following an incident or as part of a proactive measure. The system also enables business to feed back information to the authorities as part of a two way communication process. With the necessary security precautions planned for the Commonwealth Games I believe that it will be critical for all business across Scotland to be included in the system.”

Gordon Russell – Business Continuity Consultant for Clydesdale Bank & Yorkshire Bank – has first hand experience of the CSSC:During the London 2012 Olympics Clydesdale Bank and Yorkshire Bank found the information received from CSSC valuable in informing where and how the Games might have an impact on business as usual activities and employees travelling to and from work. The information provided accurate and timely status updates enabling the Bank to keep its employees informed daily of hot-spots and areas to avoid. Replication of this for Glasgow 2014 can only be good and we welcome the opportunity to engage with CSSC again.

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