Changing the Chemistry- Improving board effectiveness

efEvidence suggests that increasing board diversity improves the performance of organisations and can thereby also benefit the wider economy. Changing the Chemistry (CTC) is a multi-talented group drawn from a wide variety of backgrounds. Our aim is to increase diversity on all types of Boards.

Our unique approach is that we share the responsibility to help each other, volunteering our time and skills in a peer-to-peer support network.  You can recognise our members and alumni by their energy, skills, achievements, insight and potential to contribute.

  • Members receive the skills, confidence and knowledge to secure a non-executive Board position.
  • Members receive support to ensure they are an asset to any Board they sit on, and organisation they represent.
  • We promote the benefits of a diverse Board to organisations throughout Scotland, the UK and potentially beyond.
  • We support organisations in increasing the diversity, efficiency and functionality of their Board.
  • Our initial objective, to achieve eight board positions by the middle of 2013, was achieved.

So what makes CtC different?
The core difference is that we are a peer-to-peer support network, working together to provide targeted advice, coaching, 1-2-1 and other support to individuals seeking positions to ensure they are adequately prepared for the boardroom. Members are all high-achieving individuals, board members or board ready, who are passionate about increasing board effectiveness through increased board diversity.

It isn’t just about getting more women onto boards, though that in itself is a massive achievement. It is about encouraging and promoting the recruitment onto boards of those people, women and men, who can offer genuinely different skills, experience and viewpoints to compliment an existing board. We believe that this approach is vital to the success of all organisations as reports have repeatedly shown that a more diverse board is a more effective board.

How do we work?
We identify opportunities and share knowledge of board, principally non-executive, vacancies to help applicants consider the right sectors and organisations to ensure a good match. We discuss and share insights into current boardroom issues across private, public and voluntary sectors, drawing on internal and external advice and speakers. You can find out more via our website.

We are structured as six working groups. The chair of each group forms the steering committee. As part of our collective committment to support each other, every CtC member must choose a role in at least one group. In this way all members are active participants, a contrast to a lot of networking and business groups who tend to have a larger membership only a small proportion of whom are active.

Success stories
Our initial objective was for members to achieve 8 board positions by the middle of 2013.

We are delighted to say that we have achieved that, and more! Members have gained more than 15 NED positions to date. In the spirit of supporting others to succeed, these members have agreed to share their experiences and to discuss their thoughts about being part of Changing The Chemistry


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