Women at Davos: what’s happening to the numbers?


The Economic Forum is again meeting in Davos and, depressingly, the number of women delegates has fallen. It is considered to be the event which the world’s most powerful people, sorry, change that to men, attend. We are again, out in the cold, when it potentially matters most. The Guardian lays it out for us here.

It seems that in spite of the organisers’ attempt to draw more women to the event, they have stayed away.  A quota system was devised a couple of years ago but this has not stopped representation falling from 17% in 2011 to 15% of the 2,500 delegates in 2013.  It seems that the companies represented sidestepped the quota.  So, not exactly staying away then!

Fernando Morales-de la Cruz, an activist, said that it is a reflection of the need to address inequality more widely: “They also keep talking about ending poverty but, I’m sorry, I want to see results.”

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