Can you find 10 minutes to ‘Get Up and Go’

Fran LootsA skilled and versatile coach, facilitator and trainer, Fran works with a wide range of age and client groups both indoors and outdoors. She has extensive experience of working and training in the public and voluntary sectors specialising in equality perspectives. A Masters degree in Applied Social Research supports her indoor skills along with coaching and NLP qualifications. National Governing Body qualifications in mountain leadership and orienteering support her outdoor work along with a diploma in Outdoor Education. In addition she is an associate member of Terra Nova, working on leadership and team building events with them. She has worked for Engender, where she undertook research into women and leadership.

Perthshire woman Fran Loots believes there’s strength in numbers in keeping to all these New Year Resolutions about taking more exercise. She has set up a Facebook page on the internet where people can support one another to achieve their fitness goals, however modest, this year.

Following on from the success of last year’s challenge, Fran is inviting people to start small and commit to a minimum of 10 minutes a day and build it up from there so that they are regularly doing something every day aiming for half an hour most days. It’s not a competition, it’s completely free to sign up and post messages on the site, and it’s for everyone. It’s much easier to do things when you know others are having trying too, so join in, find 10 minutes a day to get up and go and you will soon feel the benefits.”

In addition to this Fran is looking to inspire women seeking change and adventure in 2014. She will be helping women set goals to make the changes they want in their lives and supporting adventures including trekking in Morocco and Scotland so if this is a year for change for you Fran would love to hear from you.

If you want to Get Up and Go in 2014, sign in to your facebook account and type in, ‘Aye Can Get up and go 2014’or email or phone 075 1895 8032.  You can find out more about Fran and her work on her website and on Facebook

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