Turning fear into positivity and passion

saraHH1Sara Jones is a female entrepreneur, businesswoman and recruitment industry disrupter. In 2010 she co-founded Hiring-Hub.com to challenge the age-old traditions of the recruitment industry. Recently she won a Women in Business award and here she writes for the3rdimagazine.

A 29-year-old law graduate, I turned my back on a traditional legal career in favour of a graduate scheme with a high-end recruitment company. I spent six years working in the multi-billion pound recruitment industry. Convinced an ‘online marketplace’ model could fundamentally change the way businesses in the UK recruit, and a self-confessed “tech geek”, I built Hiring-Hub.com with co-founder Simon Swan and we launched it to industry acclaim on Valentine’s Day 2011.

I started out with the sole aim of making the whole recruitment process a lot less hassle and a lot more efficient for employers. Since then, our ambition has grown, and now I’m on a mission for Hiring-Hub.com to become the go-to place for UK businesses when thy need to hire. We intend to change the recruitment landscape through trust, transparency, speed, and data. We currently employ 10 people, and are experiencing three-fold growth every year.

Hiring-Hub.com brings employers and recruiters together in one place, online, and gives them everything they need to trade together in a secure and meteoric environment. Today some high-profile organisations use our service (for example NHS, Music Magpie, CSL Sofa’s, Iceland, Morrisons and Ryman). Plus, hundreds of SMEs are benefiting from the platform, finding specialist skills three times faster than offline.

It’s not just employers who are profiting. The typical recruitment agencies within Hiring-Hub.com’s network are small, independent companies, and our business model is levelling the playing field for these boutique, specialist recruitment agencies by giving them access to employers that, before Hiring-Hub.com, would have been out of their reach. To them, we’re a business development tool, delivering qualified vacancies and an additional revenue stream, without the need for cold calling.

We have been fortunate enough to be recognised in multiple regional and national awards. Most recently, I won a personal award for Women in Business, which was great publicity. It was fittingly presented by Dame Mary Perkins, the co-founder of Specsavers. She is a true inspiration for any woman who has a business idea and the drive to succeed. In the space of just over two decades Specsavers went from an idea to a global retail chain with over 1,300 stores.


There are some amazing businesses that have been founded by women, so to be included was a proud moment. It’s great to see women in business being celebrated to inspire others, however, if you’re good at what you do, it shouldn’t matter what race, creed or gender you are.

To date, Simon, I are delighted with how the business has been received by both employers and recruitment agencies, We have carved our own path by following the vision that we can make recruiting easier, faster, efficient, and less hassle for employers.

Something that often holds people back from following their dreams and entering into or setting up a business is fear. My advice: turn that fear into positivity and passion. Running a start-up business requires tenacity and belief in your business model. I refuse to let anything get in the way and don’t take no for an answer. It’s an attitude that has led to many early successes for Hiring-Hub.com such as, just recently, an invite to Number 10 to meet the Prime Minister.

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  1. Great to hear that determination, hard-work and a recognition that change was required has worked for you and Simon. Please keep us up to date on your progress.

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