The importance of mentoring

NataliaNatalia Talkowska is the founder of that brings projects and events to life for world class companies by telling stories through unique & simple illustrations, live sketching explainer videos and creative workshops. We take brands to the next level with the use of powerful & dynamic visuals and engaging communication strategies. Natalia is interviewed by Anne Casey.

Tell me a bit about your company natalka design?

At Natalka Design we bring projects and events to life by telling stories through powerful and unique visual communication tools, such as: live sketching, design strategies, explainer videos and creative workshops. We take brands to the next level with the use of powerful & dynamic visuals strategies. Our mission is to drive more clients to people that work with us through the most powerful communication tool: visuals. We want people to stand out in the crowd, captivate their audience and accelarate their growth.

What gave you the idea for the company?

Throughout the years I’ve noticed a huge gap in the way companies communicate their message to their audience and lack of unique and innovative ideas to present them. I thought to connect all the dots: skills, passion, meeting my mentor and help companies say what they actually do and offer better and play around with the way the information is presented. I’m on a mission to change the way we communicate, remember things, present our business ideas and brand ourselves.

What support did you receive in order to set it up?

Thanks to Darren Robson, who’s a serial entrepreneur running amongst others MOE Foundation for young entrepreneurs, I could start my exciting journey on setting up Nataka Design. He supported me every step of the way as he was saying himself, he believed in my skills and knew I could do it. That made me work harder than ever in my life as I wanted to prove to him, myself and the whole world that I can do it and bring value to the world.

How important do you think that it is to receive mentoring support in business? 

I think it is very important. Thanks to support from Darren and other amazing people I got so much more confident, prepared, strong and knowledgable. I learned about running a business, my own volnurabilities and how to deal with them, facing challenges and celebrating success, even the small one. It’s been an amazing journey that would have not been the same without the support.

What worked for you particularly? 

Keeping in touch with my mentor and making sure I deliver my goals, work to the highest standards and keep track of what’s next was very helpful. Also just knowing that someone’s there I could always talk to and get amazing advice from.

Would you recommend it to others and in what situations? 

I would definitely recommend it to others, especially people who are thinking about setting up new business, want to make changes (any) in their lives, or that feel they could use some support with exisitng business.

Is it something that you would like to do for others? 

I would love to do the same thing one day for a young person full of passion, ideas and great work ethic (which you need to succeed) and in a way give back and share all the knowledge I gain everyday through running my own business as i know how valuable it was for me.

What is your vision for the future of the company?

The vision is clear: to resist the usual approach in the way the companies share their information & brand themselves, challenge the conventional approach and break boundaries. I want to prove that sharing stories, new ideas, putting on presentations and events can be more fun, unique and memorable. I would love Natalka Design to be the lgo-to-place when it comes to original visual communication.

We’ve already started to work on Visual Storytelling Academy where more people will have access to online and personal various visual communication techniques, learning from photography, 3D animation to film making. Something to look out for in the new year.

Also I’ve set up an intimate monthly get together called Doodleledo  which is starting this December and let’s a small group of strangers to meet, doodle and have fun. 1st get together will be announced very soon. Very excited for what’s to come in the new year.

Will you need ongoing support to achieve it and if yes, what?

Support is always needed and I will never say no to it. I’ve got an amazing support from Darren and the entire MOE Foundation, people who know me and root for me, however there’s always need for help especially with our new ideas launching soon. We’d love to reach more and more people who would like to turn their stories into unforgettable ones so more people know about us the more hopefully would like to partner up and support us on our mission.

A last word on mentoring?

Useful, inspiring & game-changing.

You can contact Natalia on twitter: @NatiTal


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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience of being mentored with us Natalia. It sounds like it was a particularly supportive and encouraging experience with Darren and the team at the MOE Foundation.

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