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jillFollowing up from my last article on the launch of my new business, Disruptive Insight I have decided to change my column a little. With things being so incredibly busy and having very little free time to write as much as I would like, my 3rdi articles are now going to be bi-monthly and more of a personal journal.

I think it is important to reflect on experiences and I hope that you may learn something from my experiences. In the last couple of months I’ve been slowly building a brand, there isn’t much to see at present but we do have a temporary website and logo: www.disruptiveinsight.co.uk. I have taken on new clients and have been recruiting, work-wise things are going quickly but unless you are a client you don’t see this work.

The thing that has been keeping me most busy is the development of a social media and digital marketing strategy. What’s your perception of a digital based company that has a bad website or doesn’t follow their own advice when pursuing marketing/digital strategies?

Probably a bad one.

I personally think you should practice what you preach. So we only get one shot at this, stay tuned for what we come up with.

I’ve been down at Social Media Week London, presenting on the future of social media. It was interesting to see the other speakers take on what social media is, what it means to them and where they see their focus on social being in the future. It wasn’t so much of the development of social in the next five years as to what the speakers thought they will be working on, a personal reflection.

I’m working on making a recording of my presentation, which I’ll be able to share with you next time. I essentially discuss that ‘social media’ is not just social media but incorporates new technologies and it is the way in which we as individuals and consumers choose to use this technology that has disrupted traditional business practices. I believe that social media is about creating an experience for consumers over multiple touchpoints that creates meaning and value in their lives, not add to the endless noise.

The reason I chose Disruptive Insight as my brand name is that ‘disruption’ has a negative connotation and has been wrongly used in association with social media technologies. It is not the technology that is disruptive, it is the way we choose to use that technology that is disruptive. I love human behaviour and by studying this behaviour we can bring new insights that allow brands to meaningfully leverage these new technologies.

We help brands make sense of the noise and re-engage in new meaningful ways.

Please keep track of our journey and when I learn something new I will fill you in too. Alternatively if you want to find out how we can help your brand find meaning in digital noise please get in contact on:  info@disruptiveinsight.co.uk

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