5 tips for surviving austerity

adeleIn these times of austerity how are people coping with policy changes, government spending cuts and the general state of the economy?

When our luxuries are reduced or even taken away from us totally how does this impact on us mentally, emotionally, physically and even spiritually?

Well if you’ve ever been in a state of poverty or ‘lack’ then you will understand too well that it is really not a nice feeling. The feeling that your wings have been clipped that freedom has diminished and that you cannot fully express who you’d like to be in your life!

I think in these times it really is a case of stripping back and going back to basics. We need to find ways of looking after ourselves, on every level, yet we need to do it without the luxuries or fancy gym member ships, new gym clothes, personal trainers and going back to regular produce instead of the preferred organic types.

Recent times have been tough for many and this has seen the rise in stress levels in both personal and professional areas of life. As most of us have experienced; it really is a challenge to stay focused when we are stressed. Productivity is barely there, connection to others is strained, relationships suffer, immune systems become low and health issues arise. It’s a vicious circle!

There are several, simple tools that I teach my clients to use, which despite their simplicity are effective when it comes to dealing with stressful times. Here are just a few:

1) BREATHE This may sound really crazy as we all do it all of the time but what you may not be aware of is the quality of your breath. People who are anxious or stressed breathe high into their chest area. If you focus on breathing deep into your belly, slow your breathing down, then it is pretty impossible to be anxious. Try it now. Place your hand onto your stomach, close your eyes, imagine that you have a balloon in your abdominal area and imagine that when you breathe in you blow up your balloon. When you slowly release the breath, your balloon deflates. Spend five minutes doing this and watch how the body and mind responds. Now, if you think preventing is better than cure, spend a few minutes at the beginning and end of each day doing this and note any differences. Breathing is so simple effective and FREE, no money needed for this stress busting technique.

2) EXERCISE We have all heard it a hundred times before but this is another amazing yet effective trick that will prevent stress, get the endorphins flowing and strengthen the body too. I could talk all day about all the many reasons to exercise however to save too much boredom, I won’t. All that I will say is that we can all find something that we like to do: walking, running, swimming, cycling, dancing, the list is endless. Explore your options and then commit to as much exercise as your daily schedule allows.

3) POSITIVE INFLUENCES ONLY If you are in the habit of watching the news before bed or even before work then it would be advisable to change your routine. All the news wants to talk about is the negative things that are happening in the world. More financial strife, pay cuts, bankruptcies, etc. When we listen to this constantly it feeds into the negative thoughts and increases stress levels. It’s ok to be aware of current affairs but for them to be projected into our minds before sleep is not going to be helpful for happy, stress free living. Also choose who you spend your time with wisely. Your peers will have a lot of influence on your mental and emotional wellbeing so make sure that you surround yourself with positive, happy, life giving folk father than the energy vampires!!

4) EAT WELL All foods have a chemical reaction on the brain and body. It is important to keep yourself fed with sufficient nutrients so that you can manage to balance your energy levels and maintain your composure when life’s challenges arise.

5) DO YOGA This has got to be THE best in terms of stress relief, keeping the body and mind balanced and at the same time feeding the spiritual side of you too(whether you are aware of that or not). As a Yoga teacher I cannot recommend highly enough that you find yourself a good class, or even a DVD to follow. It doesn’t have to take hours and whatever level or health, fitness or flexibility you are you will be able to find something suitable for you.

Those are just a few of the things that I don’t only use but I teach to my clients and recommend for all aspects of stress management, healthy living, weight loss and dealing with life as we are experiencing it right now. We are holistic beings and we really cannot look after one area, of ourselves or our lives without affecting other areas.

By using these simple, effective and affordable tools you will be more able to get to where you’d really like to be, without losing your hair (or mind) in the process. If you would like any further advice on anything discussed please drop me a line.

Love and light

Adele-Marie Hartshorn’s website: www.ignite4life.co.uk 07970893994

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  1. Anne Casey // August 5, 2013 at 6:28 pm // Reply

    Sensible advice to keep us grounded when life goes pear-shaped and a good way to live a stress-free life when we are on an even keel.

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