What one thing would improve the landscape for women led businesses?


Iain Scott – Scotpreneur

Increase the ratio of women founded companies receiving funding of any sort as current statistics are shocking
Tanya Ewing – Bloom VC

Introduce mandatory business and entrepreneurship training and education into every teacher training course in Scotland (including time spent working in businesses), and in a similar vein, ensure every publicly-funded economic development professional spends a minimum of 6 months self-employed or running a small business.
Jackie Brierton – Women’s Enterprise Scotland

Some years ago a friend of mine was asked by a bank manager if her husband approved of her starting a business .”Clearly the man was biased against women and this is why we need a focus on women in business “she fumed. “Clearly the man was an idiot and this is why we need better bank managers” I replied.
Iain Scott – Scotpreneur

It would be to encourage women to network with men, not just with other women. Women only networks are great if you’re new to business or shy and need a helping hand to get started or to feel comfortable networking. But you don’t just do business with other women and your customers aren’t just women (for the majority of us) so it’s important to exchange ideas – and business cards – with men too.
Michelle Rodger – Bloom VC

We need to better support the LEPs so that they see race and gender as a strategic priority and benefit to both the local (vital) and national agenda and not seen as a burden to long term enterprise strategy and support.
Sonia Brown – NBWN

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  1. We need to encourage men and women to network and collaborate with each other. The answer to “boys clubs” is not “girls clubs”. The answer is finding ways to encourage balance, respect and fainess across all “types”. If we only listen to one “type” we will run the risk of becoming that type ourselves. Open your mind and oipen the conversations – and ensure its a two-way dialogue!

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