What are you expecting as a legacy from the WBEconference?

Sonia Brown MBE - NBWN

Sonia Brown MBE – NBWN

I am hoping for the Women’s Enterprise Scotland conference that women come from all sections of the country (and world) to influence policy; develop the first steps of a national strategy and continue to promote the benefits of starting female led enterprises across a wide range of sectors.
Sonia Brown MBE – NBWN

New wave of women role models.
Tanya Ewing – Bloom VC

I think it will provide a ‘line in the sand’ for women’s enterprise development in Scotland. The launch of the Women’s Enterprise Framework and Action Plan at the Conference will engage the key stakeholders in a way which wasn’t achieved in 2005 with the publication of the last strategic document by a Scottish government (‘Sharpening the Focus’). And the commitment from women from all walks of life, backgrounds, cultures and geographies will enable a more inclusive attitude to enterprise to be developed into the future. We need to build on the increased awareness of the contribution women’s enterprise makes to our economy and to ensure we don’t allow it to go backwards again.
Jackie Brierton – Women’s Enterprise Scotland

I’d like to see more focus on successful role models, demonstrating that it’s possible to be successful in business whether you are male or female. I’d like successful female entrepreneurs to share their stories and inspire others to believe that they can be just as successful – without the need for “special” support.
Michelle Rodger – Bloom VC

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