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Scotland is not short of enterprising women… with more than 60,000 female-led businesses, it has proportionately more women in business than many other parts of the UK. These businesses are generating more than £5 billion for Scotland’s economy, and women are starting businesses in every industry sector.

But there are still twice as many men starting businesses as women, and women-owned businesses make up only 20% of the total… So there is much more potential to be realised.  With the appropriate support, the potential value of women’s enterprise to the Scottish economy could exceed £7 billion.

This inaugural Women’s Business and Enterprise Conference, taking place on 9th May 2013,  is an event for women who are thinking about starting a business, for women already running a business and for women who want to grow their businesses.

Chaired by influential Scottish broadcaster, Kaye Adams,  the event will feature keynote speakers, a panel debate, a choice of workshops designed to suit different business needs, and an exhibition bringing the delegates a range of organisations who provide support and services for women in business. Crucially, the event will enable a long-term and coordinated approach towards the provision of appropriate support for women entrepreneurs in Scotland, which should in turn create added value to the Scottish economy.

Panel Debate
In 2012 a survey conducted by Women’s Enterprise Scotland found that more than 80% of female business owners want to grow their businesses, but don’t feel existing business support services are providing what they need to expand. So the panel debate, sponsored by Carnegie UK, will examine whether support should be ‘One-size-fits-all’ or ‘’tailored”, and will examine whether or not women business owners are getting a raw deal. And further, it will challenge the approach taken by publicly-funded agencies which take a ‘gender neutral’ approach – resulting in a lack of relevant data and limited understanding of some of the issues faced by female entrepreneurs.

A series of workshops will address different business needs, and feature inspiring content from women owned businesses and and experts in each field;

  • early start
  • family business
  • branding
  • confidence & mentoring
  • international markets
  • growth & finance

Keynote Speakers
Angela Constance MSP,  Minister for  Youth Employment
Gordon Merrylees, RBS, MD Business Banking  in Scotland
Julie Weeks President & CEO of Womenable, USA
Sonia Brown MBE of
Tanya Ewing and Michelle Rodger of Bloom VC
Sheila Hogan President,  Association of  Scottish Businesswomen
Morag Malloy of Fission Creative
Madi Sharma of The Madi Group
Iain Scott of Scotpreneur
Natalie Crayton of Hebridean Sea Salt

Full details are on the conference website, HERE



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