Hearing ethereal whispers

fotolia_3395933If you could look inside the mind of an un-spirited woman, it might look like this.

Her inner dialogue might be chattering away, at ten to the dozen, with thoughts of the latest gossip or wondering what people think of her. Note that the un-spirited man can be equally afflicted and we might describe his monkey mind as being ego-full.

If she is seething with anger or feeling sad, this will also fill her mind. If she is fearful of the future or hurt or guilty about the past, these thoughts too will block creativity and inspiration.

With the pressure of our so-called modern lives, it is no wonder people suffer from depression and feel entrapped and tied by their own thought loops.

Learning how to free yourself from the tyranny of your own mind might sound like an uphill and impossible battle. The riches available to us all from doing so make a little effort worthwhile.

The first step in freeing yourself from your own inner demons is to realise that the ’normal’ human mind is only capable of having one thought at a time. Think about a thought and it gets replaced by the thought you are now thinking. Take a few minutes out after reading this article and try it listening to this visualisation on how to quieten your mind: http://audioboo.fm/boos/267460-how-to-quieten-your-mind.

Achieving self-mastery is not as simple as trivially replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. As we all know, it only takes one thing to go badly for our minds to be thrown into tilt. One argument with an uncaring partner, a petulant teenager or demanding boss can so easily ruin your day and give you a sleepless night.

The solution is much more subtle and acheivable that just putting on a pair of rose-tinted glasses.

If you live in a modern urban environment, your body is bombarded with electromagnetic rays from satellites, mobile phone masts and wi-fi routers. You need a device though to tune into them.

Similarly every second of every day, we are surrounded by external thought forms from our guides and the collective consciousness. I call these Ethereal Whispers and any internal thought process blocks them out completely. Only when we are asleep can they break through, often ’speaking’ to us in metaphor and imagery. This is why we often ask people to be quiet so we can think and tune in and why daydreaming is so healthy.

The secret to tuning into such ethereal whispers is to actively allow some form of meditative practice into our days. In time, you then learn to enter the meditative state with your eyes open.

This does not mean sitting cross legged humming a mantra for hours. Practices like Yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong are great if you have time but a walk in a park is just as good. Alternatively engaging in a creative activity daily like writing, drawing, singing or dancing also gets us tuned in. The health benefits alone make ’meditation’ worthwhile.

We all need this kind of ’me’ time.

Somewhat ironically, the time you spend in such practice will come back to you several-fold. You become lucky, inspired and inspiring. People will ask you have you had surgery and just the right people, at just the right time, turn up in your life.

Listening to ethereal whispers and spotting the signs are the keys to getting ourselves on our karmic path and becoming magnificent.

Jackie Walker co-hosts the Flavour of Thoughts (https://www.udemy.com/flavours-of-thought/) course on Udemy with Tom Evans. The course gives some serious thought to what it means to be human and the possible nature and sources of our thoughts.  If you wish to take up this offer, use the redemption code 3rdimag.

“Such insight and wisdom and everything is so obvious when you come to think of it.”

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