Sex and Power 2013 Who runs Britain?

The report is about the level of representation of women in politics and public decision-making in Britain. This report and recent previous reports all point to the same thing: men to a large extent continue to run the UK.

Depressingly, this report demonstrates yet again that although women make up 51% of the population we continue to be grossly under-represented in all areas of public life.

The report shows the following:

  • 22.5 percent of MPs are women, 21.7 percent of peers and 17.4 percent of the Cabinet
  • the level of women MPs has increased by only 3.9 percent since the year 2000
  • thepercentage of women in the Cabinet has decreased by 4.3 percent
  • no political party will will achieve 50:50 male/female representation in the near future
  • 16 percent of Conservative MPs are women
  • 32 percent of Labour MPs are women
  • 12 percent of Liberal Democrats are women

We are doing poorly internationally too and only three Western European countries do worse: Ireland, Italy and Monaco.

The report makes six recommendations which you can read by going to the following:

Sex and Power was researched and written by the Centre for Women & Democracy on behalf of the
Counting Women In coalition (CfWD, the Electoral Reform Society, the Fawcett Society, the Hansard
Society and Unlock Democracy). It was generously funded by the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust.

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  1. Anne Casey // March 5, 2013 at 5:55 pm // Reply

    This report covers not just politics but other areas of public life. Unfortunately there is not any good news anywhere in this report.

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