Psst! Want to get ahead in business? Think “Creativity”!

Mhairi Gordon-Preston diving with batfishWhen you saw that word “creativity”, I’m willing to bet you said something like “But I can’t draw”! So the great news is, there’s no drawing skill required here. This article will show you how to use your innate creativity to improve things in business and any area of life you choose.

Our society’s default starting point for generating new ideas or solving problems is usually things like analysis, linear thinking, rationality, logic, list-making, formal processes, and so on. And each of those has their place.
However they have one thing in common: it’s mainly the left-hand side of the brain drives them. So there’s an easy way to stand-out from the crowd and come-up with ideas, products and services that no-one else has thought of: fire-up the right-hand side of your brain, the origin of your creativity.

Two ways to use creativity in business and beyond:

1. Next time you start to write a list, stop!
a. Forget the black pen and notepad, get coloured pens (or pencils, markers, etc).
b. Find paper that’s A4 or bigger.
c. Turn the paper onto its long side.
d. Write your main question (or problem / goal / desired outcome) in the middle, in capitals.
e. Circle your words.
f. Using each of your different colours in turn, draw six-seven branches off the circle.
g. On each branch write one-three words about a part of your question/problem/goal/etc.
h. Add a little stick figure or diagram that summarises those words
i. Insert smaller branches on the end of each of your main branches.
j. And pursue your train of thought on each.
k. Add as many images as possible – diagrams, stick figures, cut-outs from magazines, etc.
l. Continue as long as it feels good.
m. By using colour, images, feelings, and in-flowing thinking, you’re activating additional parts of your brain which increases the number of ideas.

2. When sat at your desk racking your brain, stop!
a. Instead, change your environment.
b. The absolute ideal is to go to a beach, woodland, hilltop, Country Park, or your favourite spot in nature.
c. If that’s not practical, take a walk to your local park, stroll around your back garden noticing the flowers, or visualise/remember your favourite place in nature (include the sights, sounds, smells, the feel of the ground under your feet or the breeze on your face, how much you enjoyed it, and who was with you).
d. If you can’t manage any of those, get up from your desk and go outside, walk around the block or even just walk into another room and back a couple of times!
e. Being in nature activates lots of senses, from the visual to memory. And being in motion triggers more brain areas than sitting. So by feeding your brain this interesting input, you’re easing the flow of new ideas and creative solutions, and the formation of interesting and novel combinations.

Finally, I invite you to put this knowledge into action.

1. What’s one thing you want to create in your business, or your life?
2. How about using one or both of the above methods right now?
3. Otherwise, get your diary and add the day and time you’re going to do so.
4. Take a reward for doing it.

Well done! I’m proud of you for using creativity to upgrade your life.

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  1. Anne Casey // March 5, 2013 at 2:49 pm // Reply

    It had never occurred to me that you could encourage yourself to be creative but it makes perfect sense when you see it on paper. I think that we all have the ability within us to be creative in some way and anything that helps us develop that side of our personaity has to be good for creating diversity. in how we approach all aspects of our life.

    Thanks for the practical advice Mhairi and the photo:()

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