Could someone find me my cape??

lynnemcIt’s been a while since I wrote for the3rdimagazine.

I found the last few weeks of 2012 much more difficult than expected. (My stepson was killed cycling to work on 5 January 2012). Approaching Christmas and all it represents for family celebrations we found ourselves getting more and more anxious.

It turned out to be as horrible a time as I can remember.

Once again though, the kindness of good friends and even barely known social media friends, shone through the dark days. Their good wishes and kind deeds meant a great deal to us.

Interestingly, by the time New Year’s Day came we woke feeling different; strong again and ready to take on all the challenges we have been talking about for weeks. Even although the first anniversary of Andrew’s death was still five days away the start of the New Year really did make all the difference to us. We were able to honour him that day in very special and private ways.

So here we are raring to go. What’s up for us in 2013?

I am more focused than I have been in a long time. I want to more than Double our Money for It’s Good 2 Give, to have £500,000 in the bank at year end. It’s a lot to raise but I believe it is do-able.

  • I have 12 events (and rising) that I am organising
  • It’s Good 2 Give is Charity of the Year at 12 businesses
  • We have an amazing writing competition coming up
  • A cycling challenge: our Pedal for Paul team had 67 cyclists in 2012 and I am aiming for over 100 this year
  • And I am climbing Kilimanjaro with 32 other trekkers in October!

How does that sound?

In addition to that I will be applying to Trusts and Foundations for grants to fund our workshops, parent packs and healthy snacks.

Delegation is a task I am truly terrible at but need to learn this year or I will be worn out by the year end! So, one of my core volunteer team is now our Snacks Co-ordinator taking a huge task off my shoulders, another is in charge of finance, another is running our programme of workshops this year.

And you know what? It feels great.

The 12 events I have decided to organise are of varying size, from the 60 person pub quizzes to the 550 ladies Blingo event in Glasgow. For the bigger events I now have an organising team.

My own personal goals for this year are to:

  • Learn to delegate more, and, so far, so good
  • Learn to write successful applications to Trusts and Foundations, so far, could do better.
  • Get fitter, fit enough for our Kilimanjaro trek in October and at same time spend quality time with my husband! Walking and talking works for me…
  • Cycle again, good enough to join our team cycling from Glasgow to Edinburgh in September.
  • Read more
  • Improve my posture!

As far as our safer cycling charity, Andrew Cyclist Charitable Trust, is concerned, we are both going to continue to work towards the goal of safer cycling for all in Scotland.

While we welcome people fund-raising for us (and we’d love to have a big team cycling in Pedal for Scotland in September) our goals for this charity are more of the campaigning type. Ian and one of our other trustees, Tim, are active members of the Cross Party Group on cycling in the Scottish Parliament. We’ve got some ideas for projects and for changes we’d like to see, so there is plenty to work on in the months ahead.

One of the most exciting events we will be supporting again this year is the Pedal on Parliament 2013 organised for May. Last year 3000 cyclists participated (including us) and we hope that many more will join the Pedal on Parliament this year. (Keep an eye on their website if you would like to come along too: www.

I like the feel of 2013 already. An amazing supporter of ours and good friend, told me the other day about the business Martyrs and Heroes. No more moaning about what I can’t do or haven’t done and more about what I can do and have done and how to get others to help me do even more.

On that note, could someone find me my cape??

Lynne McNicoll launched the new fundraising initiative It’s Good 2 Give in 2010. She decided on her 50th birthday that she wanted to make a difference and “…has been a raising-money-machine ever since.”

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  1. Anne Casey // March 5, 2013 at 2:53 pm // Reply

    You are an inspiration Lynne and deserve every bit of support and help that you receive.

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