Easy Digital Marketing

edmEasy Digital Marketing – your digital playbook for online marketing success
By Veronica Stenberg

In this useful ebook, Veronica takes us through how to:

drive sales and capture interest
find your target audience
choose the right channel and tools
do it yourself or hire a pro

Veronica begins the book by sharing the result of research she carried out in order to get an idea of what the marketing challenges are to business today.

She then sets out a plan for how you can construct your own digital marketing plan. The advice is set out clearly and in easy to read format. This is followed by advice on developing a website, giving useful pointers on what you need to think about before going near a computer, or hiring someone to do it for you (there is help on this too).

There is a section on e-commerce, how to go about it and to improve your business if you are already doing it. I spent several years working for an e-commerce company and I was particularly impressed with this section because it was so comprehensive. This section was followed by one on Search Engine Optimisation, providing help on making your website as relevant as possible to the customer.

I think that this a great reference/workbook which is easy to follow, well-informed and looks good too. Highly recommended.

You can read more about the book at: http://www.easy-digital-marketing.com/


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