Dear Daugher preview

DD-SampleCoverHere at the3rdi we have reviewed several of Roy Sheppard’s books over the past few years. Recently we asked if you would consider completing a questionnaire that Roy was using to gather material for his latest book, ‘Dear Daughter’.

The book is due for publication in June and we look forward to having an opportunity to review it at that time. In the meantime, Roy has kindly provided us with a sample chapter from the book:

Here’s some help if you or your daughter want to understand MEN:

You can also read Roy’s ‘Meet, Greet and Prosper’ eBook on networking in our bookstore:

A former BBC reporter and news anchorman in London, Roy is the author of numerous relationship books. He is known as ‘The Sensible Uncle’ in the media and for his work as a professional conference moderator for many of the world’s largest and most successful organisations. He is a visiting lecturer at Henley, one the UK’s leading business schools. for more information

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