Building a Cooperative Culture

Jacqui MitchellThe key to employee ownership success is the sharing of information, responsibility, risks and rewards throughout the company but how can you make this a reality?

One company which knows all about building a culture of ownership is SRC Holdings Corporation, a US company which has been employee owned for 30 years and has become a “management mecca” for other companies wanting to learn the secret of their Open Book Management. You can hear more about the SRC story here: /

Open book management isn’t just about sharing information but involves educating everyone on the business, giving them influence over how the company is run and providing them a stake in the financial outcome, good or bad.

Find out how you can apply these principles at a free taster workshop in Glasgow from 3-6pm on 21st February (

The workshop will introduce you to the concept of open book management and explain how to build a company where everyone “thinks, feels and acts like a business owner”. It’s also very practical as participants will get the chance to design MiniGame™ which is a self-funding, short-term incentive plan designed to rapidly correct a weakness or pursue an opportunity within their organisation.

Any company can benefit from the learning at this workshop. Book your place by emailing:

Jacqui Mitchell is an employee ownership specialist. In addition to helping to launch the Great Game of Business in the UK, she also works with business owners who want to give their employees a stake in the business or  to use employee ownership as an exit strategy.

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