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The world is in the midst of massive change. Never have there been so many people on the planet, nor never so many educated and connected people. The pace of change is dizzying. We are living multiple life times worth of experience compared to our ancestors and that is all before we are 30. Well here in the west anyway!

In 2009 the Dalai Lama predicted that it is western women that will save the world. Some interpret the portent of 2012 as the awakening of the feminine power on our planet. We know that much of the trouble we experience in life is as a result of an imbalance of masculine perspective and power, truly weaker and less effective without the perfect dancing partner of the feminine, with a weakness that is writ large in it’s destructive consequences.

And when I say balancing the masculine and the feminine I mean within all of us, as well as within the form and content of the structures of our societies globally. A move towards the subjective, releasing us from the myopia of the objective only worldview. Towards care for self, for other, for the environment and away from indifference/disregard/neglect particularly for consequence of action. Towards connection, away from detachment. Towards collaboration, away from competition. Onwards from analysis to synthesis. From power over to power with.

There is enough on planet earth for all of us. It’s time to design and deliver a distribution system that honours this. Like the mother who looks in her larder and apportions groceries in relation to need, balancing the books of her home economics, to include the needs of all of the family. Some call this time a great rising of our collective consciousness. Science is proving we are all one!

So when I’m looking for peer support along my entrepreneurial path I want to meet women, and men, who acknowledge all this. I want to build businesses, projects, make art and interventions that assemble themselves from this foundation.

I’m ready for the shorter working week, and results orientated working, and flexible working, and equal parental leave for mum and dad, or mum and mum, or dad and dad. I want consent decision-making that stops to listen to dissent as a valuable source of innovation, which aims to include and transcend, so we become greater than the sum of our parts. I want everyone around me to know that stopping for a moment to breath through your heart will clear your head in such a way that you connect into the infinite power of your intuition and hence make better decisions. I want to see people for the ideas they light up the world with, not the clothes they wear, the people they know, where they were educated, or how many drinks they had last night.

Get over it folks, women have hair and men have feelings. This straight jacket of patriarchy is limiting us all. Who cares what bits you were born with, I want to know what lights up your soul and how far your compassion wraps around this world.

So yes let’s start a network that allows us to speak freely about all this stuff, while we also consider our cash flow, our bottom lines, our marketing, our HR, our product development. Come speak to me at an event because your interested in whom I am, not what I might be able to do for you, and please leave your prejudice behind. Bring a perspective of service: eager to share contacts and connections, mistakes and suggestions. Bring a desire to see us all shine.

About the author.

Susan Garde Pettie set up Prophet Scotland in 2005. In that time she has been involved in a range of projects designed to effect transformation in our culture and way of thinking. If you want to know more go to:

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  1. I liked this article very much as, for me, it gets to the heart of what we should be trying to achieve in all aspects of our life.

  2. Heart warming to read this and I completely agree. I want to express my passion for my work and the joy it brings without judgement and not be bound by having to fit the “mould”.

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